Netizen to Maria Ressa of Rappler: “Silencing and ignoring are two very different things. I suggest that you buy a dictionary”

Previously, Maria Ressa of Rappler expressed her disgust on the snowballing trend known as the “unfollow Rappler challenge” on a Facebook post.

In the post, Maria Ressa lamented that “Unfollow Rappler Challenge” is an act to silence anything that they (Duterte supporters) don’t like.

The ‘unfollow rappler challenge’ — talk about they silence anything they don’t like. Post-fact. Post-truth.

Taking the cudgels on behalf of the Duterte supporters, who was accused of spearheading the ‘unfollow rappler challenge’, is the Facebook Page “Thinking Pinoy”.

The unselfish, ‘Thinking Pinoy’ gave Maria Ressa a free lesson in the English language, particularly in word vocabulary.

Silencing and ignoring are two very different things. Unfollowing your sorority blog doesn’t silence it.
Your prop machine Rappler’s right to speak comes with our right to ignore bullsh!t. Maria Ressa, I suggest that you buy a dictionary. MY GAHD! AY HEYT DRUGS!!!

Netizen MJ Quiambao Reyes, a Duterte supporter, picked up where ‘Thinking Pinoy’ left off and brought further embarrassment to Maria Ressa.

Ms. Ressa,
It’s one thing to unfollow a page, it’s another to petition to suspend & curtail one’s freedom of expression. Any one with enough number of neurons know the difference. 😉

Unfollowing is not tantamount to ‘silencing’. That’s just us, the netizens, exercising our freedom of choice.

Parang pagpapalit lang yan ng channel sa tv or paglipat ng station sa radyo. At the end of the day, you are still free to speak & publish articles online whether you still have a million followers or left w/ just Cynthia & Jim.

And yes, for all of you who claim to be journalists, let me borrow your own words & remind you the same:

La Salle Professor Dr.Antonio Contreras also joined the ‘mock party’ to rub more salt to Maria Ressa’s wound and said:

This is so basic. To unfollow is not to silence. In fact, to block somebody does not deny that person the right to make comment on your posts that are screengrabbed and reposted for them to comment on.
Hay Maria Ressa!

Please post yur comment below.

Source: Thinking Pinoy, Antonio Contreras, MJ Quiambao Reyes


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