Netizen to Senators Villanueva, Gatchalian: “We the people will not forgive your whole f*cki*ng clan if CPP-NPA-NDF survives after 2022”

A certain netizen named Jun Abines, a rabid anti-communist to say the least, took to Facebook to condemn two senators who are calling to defund the NTF-ELCAC, the government task force seeking to end Southeast Asia’s longest running communist insurgency.

In an FB article with the title “TWO PIGS ATTACK PARLADE”, Abines remarked that the recent uncovering of the “Community Pantry tricks by CPP-NPA-NDF of is once again a proof that Lt. Gen. Antonio Parlade is getting into the skins of the Communists.”

Abines defended the brave general, saying unmasking the tricks of enemy is part of his job, his training as a soldier.

“Lt. Gen. Parlade is a soldier. He is trained to accomplish missions, not to please people. The man doesn’t mind to crawl the dirtiest holes and smelliest pit of shits. All for the quest of uncovering the rabbit holes of the enemies.”

Abines points out that Parlade’s efforts have unmasked two senators, whom he insinuated are sympathizers of the enemies of the state based on their stance on the issue – government’s quest to end communist insurgency via NTF-ELCAC.

“So far, he already unmasked many politicians on his quest. His latest achievements is unmasking two Senators whom most people suspect to be beneficiary of smart-magic. Damn, I’m sure I won’t even recognize their faces if I bump these irrelevant pigs in the airport.”

Abines laments the brave general has been crucified by the enemy online and even by pro-communist media and worse ridiculed and disrespected by fellow government officials. However, Abines says this does not discourage the general from doing a great job.

“Gen. Parlade have been mis-quoted, mis-interpreted and deliberately demonized countless times by pro-communist media. He was scolded, lectured, rediculed and disrespected by his fellow government officials. But no one can deny that the General is doing a great job. He is leading the AFP to accomplish a feat beyond anyone’s imagination: End the 52 year old CPP-NPA-NDF Terrorist Organization.”

Abines admits that Parlade’s style has ruffled some feathers but he complimented the general as the perfect antidote of the CPP NPA.

“Call him stubborn. Call him reckless. Call him anything you want. But the man is definitely the perfect antidote that will soon neutralize the communist venom that poisoned this country for 52 long years.”

Abines compares Gen. Parlade to a K-9, an ace K-9 at that whose ability to lock-on to the smell criminals at-large is unimpeachable. Interrupting K-9 Gen. Parlade from doing his job is the most stupid thing to do, says Abines. Abines alerts the public that what the two senators whom he called idiots are suggesting.

“Gen. Parlade is like an ace K-9 who has a lock-on to the smell of the a criminal at large. Let him trace. Let him bark. Let him chase. Let him do what ever it takes to locate the prey. He will lead you there. The noisier he gets, the closer he is to catching the enemy. Tying and Interrupting him is the most stupid thing to do. This is what the two idiots from the senate are suggesting.”

Abines makes an appeal to the two senators to let Gen. Parlade do his job and support him until he gets to the bottom of the Communists’ rabbit hole.

“So please, do not interrupt Gen. Parlade for God’s sake. Let him do his job. Instead, let’s support him all the way until he gets to the bottom of Communists’ rabbit hole.”

Abines issues a warning to Senators Villanueva and Gatchalian to back down. Or else, they will bear the brunt of the peoples anger if the communist survives beyond 2022.

“To you, Senators Gatchalian and Villanueva: Don’t you ever dare get in the way of the General. We the people will not forgive your whole fucki*ng clan if the CPP-NPA-NDF survives after 2022.”

“We want the rebellion to end now. We will choose Gen. Parlade over 24 useless Senators in these very crucial moments of our war against Joma season’s monster,” Abines adds.

Abines concludes his FB post by reiterating his public pleading to the senators, to get out of the way of Gen. Parlade and let him do his mission.

“Let the brave general do his job. We trust him. He can clearly see the enemy whose ass you are licking right now. You fuck*ng traitors and cowards Senators shut up and get of his way.”


Source: Jun Abines

TWO PIGS ATTACK PARLADE The recent uncovering of Community Pantry tricks by CPP-NPA-NDF of is once again a proof that…

Posted by Jun Abines on Thursday, April 22, 2021

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