Netizen trolls Cynthia Patag after her tweet heckling appointment of DSWD Asec Badoy to PCOO Usec is a demotion

In reaction to the appointment of DSWD Asec. Lorraine Marie T. Badoy to PCOO, Cynthia Patag took to Twitter heckling Badoy’s appointment as a demotion.

Rather than getting a lot of love on Twitter, Patag was bombarded with insulting and mocking remarks from netizens.

The most notable reply to Cynthia Patag’s tweet came from a netizen with the handle Bing Bong, who replied:

“Unless you’re a Secretary of DSWD, Asec to Usec is not a demotion. Actress to twitter troll is a big demotion,” Bing Bong wrote. “Put pantyshield in your mouth,” Bing Bong added.

Credits to BingBong Pino

Bing Bong’s tweet mysteriously disappeared from Cyntia Patag’s post but resurfaced shortly after a Duterte supporter took a screenshot of the Bing Bong’s tweet.

Netizen jehh also joined the bash party against Cynthia Patag.

Netizen Harold Tan also rubs on Cynthia Patag’s fall from being a popular comedy actress to being a Twitter troll.

Netizen tengGK says this is not surprising.

Another netizen named Gilbert Pungan also took a swipe at Cynthia Patag’s misfortune of being an actress to bitter twitter is a big emotion.

Netizen Mark Lopez this is hardly a demotion. Rather declining from being slapstick to being pathetic is demotion.

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Source: BingBong Pino

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