Netizen urges Dabawenyos: Share good story about Duterte, refrain attacking rivals

The Philippine brand of politics is no doubt very bloody. Every election year, expect political rivals to kill another, all for the sake of securing a position in politics.

However, in most instances, the casualties that fell to the bullets of the assassins are the supporters of politicians. Sad but true.

Meanwhile, the election campaign in the Philippines is very dirty and messy; opposing camps would throw everything to their rivals to dissuade the voters from casting their sacred votes to his or her rival. This is called negative campaigning. This is the norm in the Philippine politics.

In the 2010 Presidential election, if my memory serves me right, Gibo Teodoro encouraged his supporters to refrain from maligning or attacking his adversaries just to make him look good in the eyes of the electorate. He lost his Presidential bid, but it left a lasting imprint in the minds of his supporters.

Perhaps, this Duterte supporter wants to take a page from Gibo Teodoro’s campaign in 2010 Presidential election and veer away from the mudslinging of the Philippine brand of politics.

Netizen urges Dabawenyos: Share good  story about Duterte, refrain attacking rivals

Credits to Joseph Dennis Lizada Rivamonte

The Duterte supporter opened his Facebook post with this line,

It is okay to make Filipinos know how good and competent you are, It is NOT okay to destroy other people’s reputation just to promote your personal agenda. Pagandahin mo ang imahe mo, huwag mong sirain at babuyin ang imahe ng iba.( Project a good image. Don’t try to ruin or damage the image of your rival.

To prove his point, the Duterte follower volunteered to share an anecdote about the good attribute of the Mayor of Davao City. He heard this feel good story from an acquaintance he met not so long ago.

This, he says, is an example of positive campaigning. Please read the full text below to appreciate the incorruptible Mayor Duterte.

Some time ago, in Manila, I met a guy who claimed to be the contractor for the SM City Davao. He told me that he was so amazed and proud of Mayor Duterte.

When I asked him why, he told me that unlike in other cities where he built SM Malls, it was only IN Davao City where he did not experience being approached by a City “BIGGIE” who approached him to ask for “BIG PERSONAL FAVORS” from SM management.

Months passed, the mall erected, and stores about to open, still no Mayor Duterte came into view. Worried that the mayor might one day appear to ask for favors, just in time when the SM Mall was about to operate, and he might find it difficult to say NO to the any request the mayor might ask, this contractor decided to see the mayor personally to ask if the he had any “special personal request” from the SM management.

To his surprise, Mayor Rodrigo Duterte said: YES! I have one BIG PERSONAL request, a GREAT BIG FAVOR to ask from the management: “WHEN YOU START TO TAKE IN APPLICANTS FOR EMPLOYMENT, PLEASE GIVE PRIORITY TO THE DAVAOEÑOS!” that was it and nothing more.

He did not ask for anything other than that. And that was enough to amaze this contractor and to declare that our Davao City Mayor is not corrupt.

This is our Mayor. Mayor Rodrigo Roa Duterte

What do you think about his advice to fellow Duterte followers?

Credits to Joseph Dennis Lizada Rivamonte

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