Netizen wants COA to audit Trillanes, suspects ex-senator may have been paying Atty. Sabio out of his senate allocation as “consultant’s fees”

The public has long suspected that ex-Senator Trillanes was behind the “Bikoy” videos because of his anti-Duterte campaign that goes back during the 2016 election campaign period.

Of course, Trillanes denied having to do with Bikoy and the “Ang Totoong Narcolist” video series, exposing the alleged links of the Dutertes to illegal dr^gs.

However, when Trillanes’ term as a senator expired, his world started to shrink for obvious reasons.

First, he no longer enjoys immunity and protection from his senate colleagues.

Second, Trillanes’ source of funding is starting to run dry.

If you have been following the news, funding was the reason Atty. Jude Sabio surfaced online making statements, linking Trillanes for the first time to the “Ang Totoong Narcolist” videos of Bikoy via his newspaper column published recently titled “Abyss of No Return”.

A few days later, a video of Sabio talking about Trillanes owing him P700,000 as retainers fee to one of the leading newspapers in the country.

Trillanes, may utang na P700,000 kay Sabio

Posted by Even Demata on Saturday, September 7, 2019

In case you missed it, Sabio was the lawyer of whistle-blower Matobato who testified in the senate hearing linking Pres. Duterte to EJKs in Davao City.

It is for this reason that DDS blogger wants COA to look into Trillanes senate allocation fund to see if there are irregularities while he was still a senator.

Mortera couldn’t the possibility Trillanes was using government funds while trying to oust President Duterte.

You may read Adolfo Mortera’s full FB post below now.


▪Atty. Jude Sabio revealed Trillanes’ failure to pay him 700,000 in retainer’s fees only now after Trillanes’ senate term ended.

▪Retainers’ fees are usually paid monthly for services rendered as defined in a contract. I know because I was once a retainer in a privately-owned company several years ago for HR consulting services.

▪In the case of Atty. Jude Sabio, he could have been contracted by Trillanes as legal retainer starting 2017 when Sabio filed that petition against PRRD at the ICC, alleging EJKs committed by PRRD, and urging ICC to probe and “indict” the President.

▪Despite anti-Duterte propaganda mounted by local and international media, no such expected action from ICC happened because PRRD pulled the rug under Trillanes’ dirty feet by withdrawing PH membership from ICC, citing a valid claim of lack of jurisdiction over the Philippines.

▶️Back to Sabio’s claim of unpaid 700k in retainers’ fees from Trillanes. There were earlier reports that Trillanes allocated his senate payroll for “consultants” that included even his household staff.

▪Sabio’s complaint surfaced 2 months after Trillanes’ term ended last June. This means Trillanes could have been paying Sabio out of his senate allocation as “consultants fees” and stopped paying him months before and after his senate term ended.

▪If so, it is highly anomalous. Imagine paying his lawyer for his oust-Duterte activities using government funds?

COA should audit Trillanes’ expenditures and publish a report!

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