Netizen wants PET to have the ballots carbon dated, examine by forensic expert to determine election cheating in 2016 VP race

A short message from a concerned netizen arrived in the inbox of social media blogger with a suggestion that will resolve the impasse of the 25% shading threshold in the VP electoral protest.

The letter sender cautioned though that the process might result in a long drawn out battle between the protagonists.

The letter sender remarked that if the authorities are really concern about the matter, they should have the ballots with 25% shading undergo a carbon dating.

Then have a forensic expert examine the stroke of the shading.

The forensic exam will determine if the number of votes with 25% shading in favor of Robredo tallies with the individual number of people who actually shaded the ballots.

The letter sender suspects not more than 15 people did the shading of Robredo’s ballots.

The letter sender also slams the courts (PET) for being bias towards Robredo, ignorant of technicalities.

Check the screenshot of the PM below.

Credits to Benjie Daisy Contreras for the photo.

Let us read some of the comments in social media to see how they respond to the suggestion of carbon dating and hiring a forensic expert to look into the shaded ballots with 25% shading threshold.

Carolina Visaya suggested having forensic expert check the ink to know if the ink used came from the same pen.

Hahaha.. forensic check din kung iisa ang ink galing sa isang pen..

Gracia Rivera

Simply put , it was a ” programmed ” cheating ..too obvious ,lugaw is overly insistent , cheating , after all comes with the territory of ..dishonesty , which lugaw is !!.

Sheba D Levi

“sir Benjie Daisy Contreras ito po result ni mr Mark Lopez proof na panalo parin c bbm vs 25% ni lugaw .. palagay ko tinutuldukan nalng yn ng mga reviser ni lugaw ng mabilisan ?? kc nawala pati lahat ang boto ng INC c kay BBM lahat nakaboto nationwide .. advanced lng po mgisip”

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