Netizen wants to send Antonio Trillanes to Ukraine for rating PRRD’s performance as President a generous 1 out 10?

Nagsalita na naman ang male version ni Leni. Tapon kita sa Ukraine e.

Manila Bulletin writer Krizette Laureta Chu, admin of the FB page KLC Happy Thoughts Cellphone Repair, reacted in anger to Trillanes who said that giving outgoing President Duterte a grade of 1 out of 10 for his performance as leader is already too generous on his part.

Trillanes explained that 1 out 10 rating for PRRD is justified, citing the prices of gasoline and rice which jumped from P30 pesos (liter of gasoline) and P23, P24 (kilo of rice) when he assumed office and now P70 and P38, P39 respectively before he steps down.

In addition, Trillanes cited the country’s national debt under the Duterte watch, which he said is now bigger than the combined debts of all previous presidents.

PRRD supporters jumped into the comment section to share their opinion, expressing support for PRRD while castigating Trillanes.

Nobody needs your validation, one netizen wrote in an emphatic tone.

A second commented that Trillanes’ opinion is irrelevant since he was even rejected last 2022 election.

Antonio Trillanes. Applicant for senator, May 2022. Status: REJECTED.

A third commented that PRRD’s 80% approval rating at the end of his term, who bothers to believe Trillanes anyway.

With 80% approval rating of PRRD at the end of his term who will believe you Trillanes. You are done.

A fourth said Trillanes is out of touch and needs to see a doctor.

Im sorry to say this to him. He is definitely out of touch and context sa mga pinagsasabi niya. I think he needs to see a doctor already. So much hate to any incoming and out going president is bad for ones health.

A fifth who is commenting from Canada wrote that high prices of fuel is not unique to the Philippines. Canada who has its own fuel resources is also suffering from high fuel prices.

Kahit dito po sa CA nagdouble ang presyo ng fuel (to think we have our own fuel resources) and all other commodities as compared to 10 yrs ago. It’s global, not about PRRD!

To which a Pinoy based in Europe echoed the sentiment of the Pinoy based in Canada.

Hoooyyyy Trillianesss!! Dito nga sa Denmark ang presyo ng gasolina is currently 18,50 danish crowns. Paki convert mo into peso that is double the price dyan sa atin. Kaya mas mura pa nga dyan sa atin kaysa DK ok? Hindi lang Pilipinas ang affected buong mundo!


Source: KLC Happy Thoughts and Cellphone Repair

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