Netizen warns repeat of Kim Chiu “ambush” scenario, management might sacrifice one of their stars in the name of toppling a “dictator”?

“Why Kim Chu Ambush Is Staged?” This is the opening statement of pro-Duterte socmed blogger Jaime Domingo to hook readers to continue reading what he has to say amid the Kim Chiu “ambush” story.

Domingo said that the Lopezes could be the mastermind behind the Kim Chiu “ambush” story because the family have a history of resorting to violence when cornered. “Steven Psinakis the husband of Presy Lopez and also the uncle in law of Gabby Lopez was a member of Light A Fire Movement that stage series of bombings in Metro Manila in the early 1980s. The mother of Jim Paredes is also a member (2nd from the right besides Heherson Alvarez). What I am trying to say is the Lopez have history resulting to violence when cornered.”

Domingo noted how unnatural the reaction of Kim Chiu and the ABS-CB executives after the “ambush” incident plus the network news banner quickly painted a picture that PH is no longer safe. “Notice why all of the sudden after the ambush of Kim Chu(who by the way instead of going to police station go straight to her taping before the photo ops when accidentally all the top executive of ABS-CBN happens to be there conveniently for the said photo ops.) this network news banner is, ‘The Philippines is not safe’.”

Domingo warned that another Kim Chiu “ambush” story could be repeated as the ABS-CBN franchise expiry date looms and worse, one of their stars could be the sacrificial lamb just to have their way. Reminded them how Nonoy Zuniga lost a leg for the sake of toppling a dictator. “Just like that. One of their star is shot at multiple times but is so happens no one was hurt. At the very time when the closing of ABS-CBN is looming. So get ready for more stars to be shot at and if it did not work maybe next time the management will just have to sacrifice one of their stars like the family sacrifice Nonoy Zuñiga’s legs in the name of toppling a dictator.”

Domingo ended the post by leaving socmed with a line to ponder his theory. “Just think who else have the motive.” [Link here]

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Source: Jaime Domingo

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