Netizen warns Roque: “Stop threatening Duterte with people power, otherwise, your kind will taste the ‘real’ People Power”

A post warning the likes of Roque, Drilon to stop entertaining the idea of ousting President Duterte is making the rounds online.

On a Facebook post, netizen Richillo Oliveros lashes at a critic who threatens the president with an impeachment in the wake of the Martial Law rhetoric of Duterte.

It can be recalled that the tension between President Duterte and CJ Sereno started when the former made public the narco-list including judges.

The name-and-shame campaign of President Duterte involving the judges prompted CJ Sereno to write a four-page letter expressing her stance on the matter.

According to the article of GMA News, none of the judges who made it to the narco-list mentioned by Duterte are investigated by the Supreme Court.

However, the letter clarified that there is one judge under investigation who may be involved in the illegal drug trade that did not make it to the narco-list.

CJ Sereno described President Duterte’s announcement as premature.

A premature announcement of an informal investigation on allegations of involvement with the drug trade will have the unwarranted effect of rendering the judge veritably useless in discharging his adjudicative role.

“Thus this Court has been careful, all too aware that more often than not, a good reputation is the primary badge of credibility and the only legacy that many of our judges can leave behind,” she adds.

The CJ Sereno letter led to the rhetorical Martial law comment of President Duterte.

Duterte’s critics quickly took advantage of the situation, apparently to galvanize public opinion against the President whom they hated the most, by saying the President seems to invite impeachment and people power.

On Twitter, a similar statement like the one below on social media was posted.

The Harry Roque statement regarding impeachment and people power did not escape the wrath of netizens who wasted no time in defending the President.

Check out the post of Richillo Oliveros who ranted against party-list Representative Harry Roque for threatening the president of an impeachment.

If they (Roque, Delima, Drillon, CHR & all the TraPos) do that , then these people will experience the “Real” People Power. Di kagaya nung unang People Power that was orchestrated by the Yellow Oligarch and their minions at nangyari lang sa Metro Manila. Eto talaga will be an uprising in Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. We won’t let them, we now have found our voice, we now have been given back our civil liberties and we are now being empowered by this president. He is giving us back our right as the true “Boss” of the Civil Servants. Papayag ba tayo because for sure this campaign of Mr. Roque is being funded by either the drug lords or the TraPos or the Oligarchs whose interests are now in danger. Isn’t far off I think, sinasakyan lang talaga eto & being blown out of proportion. Pinoy talaga, kahit Diyos will have a hard time figuring us, daming mga matatalino at idealist. When it’s hot we pray for rain & when it rains we pray for the sun. Ano ba talaga kuya/ate?

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Source: Richillo Oliveros


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