Netizen warns Senator Grace Poe – inhibit from ABS-CBN renewal franchise deliberation or face graft case. Read why!

A Facebook netizen has issued a stern warning to Senator Grace Poe – inhibit from the ABS-CBN franchise renewal deliberation or face graft case later.

Netizen Francis Imperial Badilla said Poe is disqualified from sitting at the senate deliberation tackling ABS-CBN’s franchise renewal by virtue of her relationship to the Ang Probinsyano telemovie in ABS-CBN. “Senator Grace Poe, is disqualified from being Chairman of the Committee on Public Service because she is a major shareholder of FPJ Production which is the producer of Ang Probinsyano.”

Badilla said Poe could be accused of conflict of interest. “The renewal of the franchise of ABS CBN shall directly benefit FPJ Production hence she should not participate in the deliberation of the said Franchise.”

Badilla pointed out RA 6713 as the law Poe will violate if she insist on sitting at the senate deliberation on ABS-CBN’s franchise renewal. “She may later on be held liable for Graft and Violation of RA 6713.”

In light of this, netizens have negative reactions towards Senator Grace Poe either because of her ignorance of the law or due to her lack of delicadeza.

This netizen commented that Poe should have this distance herself on the issue from the very start. “Well duh! She has no shame. She should’ve recluse herself from the beginning.”

Another netizen said delicadeza isn’t in Poe’s dictionary. “The word delicadeza is not in her dictionary.”

This netizen remarked that this also crossed his mind. “That is what i really thought of.. conflict of interest…. really embarrassing this lady”

One netizen said that indeed if money is involved, people are shameless. “kapalan talaga pag pera na ang nakataya, Poe tang juice hindi lang senadora, abugada pa.”

This netizen echoed the sentiment of the above commenter. “kapal tlga ng mukha at walang delikadesa.. kya pla sobra nag-iingay.. may interes n nanganganib.. SMH.. 🙄”

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Source: Francis Imperial Badilla

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