Netizen writer dares Senator Risa Hontiveros to come clean with Philhealth ads vis-a-vis role in agency


This is the question that Manila Bulletin writer Krizette Laureta Chu wants netizens to reflect upon, in light of Senator Risa Hontiveros’ attempt to diminish her role when she was with Philhealth as soon as the corruption scandal in the agency exploded.

Ms. Chu clarified her stance on the Philhealth issue – she does not care whether they are Duterte appointees or not if proven guilty, everyone involved must be held accountable. Unlike she said the wokes who are ignorant to assume all this shit in Philhealth started during the pandemic.

‘Lahat ng dapat managot sa Philhealth, ay mananagot. Don’t worry, Yellows, unlike you, we would gladly give up the heads of whoever from the Duterte administration if they are proven to be guilty. PAKI NAMIN SA KANILA. Unlike you, who are so ignorant as to assume that corruption started this pandemic LOL, we know that Philhealth has been a hotbed of corruption, so we don’t feel guilty about the things unraveling now.’

Ms. Chu justified why she believed Hontiveros is very much an intriguing figure, perhaps a resource person in the Philhealth scandal.

‘But Risa Hontiveros is a Senator, and was a Philheath trustee for two years, from Dec 2014 to 2015. Sinalpak just before election time.’

Ms. Chu brought the attention of netizens the defense of what she called the trolls of Hontiveros with regards to the Philhealth ads.

‘Her trolls are now saying that no Philhealth money was used in all the ads that we are calling her out for. That it was paid for by her friends.’

Ms. Chu doubts that the Philhealth ads of Hontiveros was paid for by her friends as claimed by her trolls.

‘So her friends paid for ads for Philhealth?You mean, these ads?
Ang sweet naman ng friends nya paying for a government institution? Talaga?’

Ms. Chu asked the right questions to understand why she made Philhealth her platform and star of the video commercials if she just a mere trustee?

‘So if she was just a trustee, and now na nagka kagulo na, bakit ginawa nyang platform itong Philhealth at sya ang star ng mga video commercials?’

Once again, Ms. Chu asked what’s the point of Hontiveros as the face of the TV ads and bus ads if she her role in Philhealth was just a minor one?

‘So ano ang point na sya ang star ng TV and bus ads kung hindi naman pala malaki ang role nya sa Philhealth.’

Ms. Chu showed a picture of the bus ads whereine Hontiveros was credited as Philhealth Director.

‘Here, in the bus advertisement, she’s very blatantly credited as PHILHEALTH DIRECTOR.’

Ms. Chu asked Hontiveros’ supporters to make up their minds what really was the role of the Senator when she was with Philhealth.

‘Ano lang pala ang ginawa ni Risa Hontiveros sa Philhealth? You make up your minds. We will not back down.’

Ms. Chu reiterated her stance on the Philhealth issue and that there is no sacred cows for her. Whoever is involved will never go unpunished for the plunder of Philhealth.

‘Let ALL heads roll. Nobody should be able to get away with stealing from HEALTH funds from people who need it most. NOT MORALES, NOT DUQUE, AND NOT A SENATOR OF THE REPUBLIC IF THEY ARE PROVEN COMPLICIT TO THE HEARTLESS PLUNDER OF OUR FUNDS.’

Not even President Duterte if he turned a blind eye to the plunder.

‘Not even Duterte, if he allowed this to happen. Unlike you, we are not protecting anyone.’

Ms. Chu said the wokes or the trolls of Hontiveros cannot bully anyone into silence.

‘You cannot bully anyone into silence here. This is a long time coming and everybody, as in everybody, who have been complicit should pay.’

Ms. Chu said only heartless people is capable of making a fool of ordinary Filipinos.


Ms. Chu, in an emphatic tone, told the supporters of the senator not to pretend the DDS are only after Risa because that is not true. Ms. Chu remarked that what she find deplorable is the senator cannot decide the role she played in Philhealth, whether it was so small that she was kept out of the loop on or so great that she had to be the star of those ads.

‘Do not pretend that we are only after Risa here. We want everybody to be accountable. Ang masama Lang kay Risa is she cannot decide if her role in Philhealth was so small that she didn’t know what happened, or so big that she had to star in those ads.’

‘WAG AKO,’ Ms. Chu warned.

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Source: Krizette Chu

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