Netizen writes open letter against “EPAL” tarp of VP Binay planted along route to IEC mass

A post condemning the conspicuous tarpaulin of VP Binay planted along the highway in Cebu City is doing the rounds online.

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Credits to Angel Joey Go

In a Facebook post shared several times as of Sunday evening, a Cebuano netizen named Angela Joey Go lamented the lack of respect of some politicians just to win political mileage during an important religious event hosted by the City.

The netizen is referring to the tarp of Vice President Binay planted strategically along the SRP Road in Cebu City that reads, “Welcome to Binay Country!”

Ms. Go took her grievance to the social media to express consternation towards Mayor Mike Rama who is openly supporting the candidacy of VP Binay. Remember the incident where VP Binay was allegedly booed by Cebuanos during the Sinulog event?

Hello! Can anybody get this streamer out of the highway leading to SRP before this afternoon’s International Eucharistic Congress mass? This is placed just before the bridge for people coming from Talisay to see. After what happened during the Sinulog, Rama has become worse. Can’t Rama and Binay show respect?

The netizen posted the photo below around noon, more than a day after the International Eucharistic Congress mass was held in Cebu, quickly spreading on Facebook like a wildfire.

The photo of the “EPAL” tarp of VP Binay inspired a Cebuano to write an open letter addressed to VP Binay and Mayor Mike Rama.

The Mayor of Cebu City is allegedly the mastermind behind the epic fail move.


To Binay,

I understand you badly want to become the next president as your actions are becoming too desperate as the election is getting closer. However, there is what we call “DECENCY” and “RESPECT” that each candidate must have. This is not the first time you did this. First off, Sinulog celebration. You cried foul coz you got booed? You very well know that your presence alone will taint the sanctity and solemnity of the celebration and still you maneuvered your way through, instructing your local minions to promote yourself in every way possible even if it means disrespecting the religious activities of the Church. You don’t have to sell yourself hard to us, Cebuanos. We can see right through you and we can see beneath your surface. We feel greatly offended that for one, you got the nerves to claim and tag CEBU as Binay Country, then exploiting our religious celebrations to advance your political motives.

And as for SUSPENDED MAYOR RAMA, I used to have high regard to you Sir. You manifest yourself as a devout Christian, surely you must know political drama should not be inserted amidst our church activities. As Chairman of Sinulog foundation, you made the appearance of Binay possible. Only you could do that. Despite being suspended, here goes another banner. Please tell your people to have it removed. This is blatant disrespect to the people to whom you are serving.

As of this writing, no word yet from the camps of VP Binay and Mayor Mike Rama of Cebu City to deny the accusation hurled against them by netizens in regards to the controversial tarp in Cebu City.

To Binay, I understand you badly want to become the next president as your actions are becoming too desperate as the…

Posted by Hary Noel on Sunday, January 31, 2016

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