Netizen wrote spirited defense of Duterte from Archbishop Soc Villegas’ rebuke

This is totally expected from the church! The head of the CBCP Archbishop Socrates Villegas issued a statement on his Facebook account to show his displeasure over the Pope-cursing statement of Mayor Rodrigo Duterte.

You may watch the video report from ABS-CBN News now.

You may check another version below.

Archbishop Soc Villegas statement on Duterte cursing the Pope

The post from the Arch. Socrates Villegas is well-received by die hard Catholics who threatened to boycott Mayor Duterte for the expletives directed against the Pope.

Check this tweet from a netizen who claims to be leaning on voting for Duterte before the Pope-cursing statement but says he does not like him now.

There are so many negative comments from netizens who are dismayed by the controversial Duterte statement but I refused to dwell on it.

One one hand, the Duterte supporters are as vocal as the critics and they are not shy to express their support for Mayor Duterte.

Here’s one Duterte supporter that attracted my attention. Check his response below to Arch. Socrates Villegas statement.

Excuse me dear Archbishop Socrates Villegas. I respect your point of view against the immoral acts of Mayor Duterte but im sorry to tell you that all the candidates that the catholic church have supported since your so called “saint” Madam Cory Aquino up to her son Noynoy have failed this country so many times.

I do not know what your standards are when you suggest for a candidate for the whole catholic population of the Philippines to vote for. But again none of them who won were a solution to your so called “corruption”.

If you could look at all the candidates as if you were god, i believe none of them will fit the category as a righteous leader. I have faith in you that you memorize by heart the holy gospel therefore you are aware that there is no one above god who is perfect and i believe you do agree to that.

This country does not need a Holy Man who cannot heal the sickness of the Philippines but it needs a doctor to uproot this so called disease in the government.

All of the candidates are evil and the obligation of the Filipino people is to choose the lesser evil (this was taught to me by a Jesuit priest in Ateneo).

If you are not satisfied with any of the presidential candidates why dont you run for president yourself. Im sure the catholic church would.

What is your opinion about this post?

Credits to Sonne Herzeleid


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