Netizen’s 2018 answer to the question, “Why is it no one supports Vice President Leni Robredo in the Philippines?” goes viral

A response of a netizen named L.Y. Moreno to the question posted somewhere in the internet in 2018, “Why is it no one supports Vice President Leni Robredo in the Philippines?” has gone viral lately after Jan Writer reposted it on his FB page.

L.Y. Moreno began his answer by giving outsiders looking in a background of Filipino culture and that is Filipinos hate politicians who are “pakitang tao” or hypocrites.

Moreno said President Duterte isn’t hypocrite that is why Filipinos loves Duterte and hates Leni Robredo because she is a hypocrite.

Moreno continued that the Liberal Party is the epitome of pakitang tao in Philipppine politics. Leni Robredo, being the Liberal Party’s standard bearer though is she running as independent in the 2022 presidential polls, becomes the personification of the Liberal party.

Moreno circled in Leni Robredo’s speeches which he said almost all are pretty generic and sanitized. Even when she’s interviewed by the media, he hold the opinion that Leni Robredo lacks intellectual spontaneity, not even say 25% of Senator Santiago’s level.

Moreno came in full circle and talked again about President Duterte’s political acute image which he said exudes a character of frank crassness and vulgarity but with an honest heart. This Moreno said is the complete opposite of Leni Robredo who tries to project an image of convent-like Godliness, decency, prim and proper only to end up on the Filipinos as a hypocrite and dumb.

L.Y. Moreno’s brutally honest assessment of Leni Robredo resonated with Jan Writer’s FB followers, generating 5,300+ reactions, 233 comments and 1,000+ shares in just 10 hours and counting.

Here are some of the positive reactions of netizens to L.Y. Moreno’s frank assessment of Leni Robredo’s character.

One netizen praised Moreno for hitting the nail right on its head.

Damn, this guy really nailed it tight! Yeahhh!!!!

A second wrote: Ouch. a stinging repudiation of the Dilawan Mentality.

A third said that Moreno was a bit generous in saying Leni is 25% of Senator Miriam Santiago’s level.

Just saying “not even 25% of former Sen. Santiago’s level” is a bit generous.

A fourth laughed his ass off in regard to Moreno’s description of Leni lacking intellectual spontaneity.

Intellectual spontaneity – ang bigat! Hahaha

In fairness to Leni Robredo, it is partly false to say that no one supports Leni Robredo because if using the latest poll surveys as gauge, Leni Robredo has managed to get 20-24% of the support of Filipinos. [Reuters]

No matter how you look at it, 20-24% in poll surveys tell us Leni Robredo has the support of Filipinos. But is it enough to carry her to victory in May 9 election? Let us wait until the result of the election comes out. For now, let us take this as just another opinion of one of the VP’s critics.

However, when compared to President Duterte’s numbers when using the latest approval and trust ratings as a basis of comparison between two of the highest leaders in the country today, Leni’s numbers pale in comparison. [Link here]


Source: L.Y. Moreno

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