Netizen’s analogy of BBM vs Leni and their respective supporters amuses internet, trends on Facebook

Manila Bulletin writer Krizette Chu has left thousands of her FB followers amused with her on point analogy regarding the followers and supporters of Leni and BBM whom she said are the complete opposite of their respective presidential bets.

As of this writing, Chu’s analogy has elicited 7,300+ reactions, 6,100 of which are laugh emoji in just 7 hours and counting.

Meanwhile, Chu’s followers quickly jumped into the comment section expressing their respective sentiments on Chu’s analogy.

Popular radio and TV commentator Anthony Taberna also shared Chu’s observation.

Baligtad nga!

Another netizen commented to agree with Chu and Taberna. He added that only one candidate will occupy Malacanang and that is the candidate who wants to unite the Filipinos and the country

Baliktad nga!!! Pero iisa lang ang uupo sa malacanyang- yung merong pag nanais na mag pag isa ang mag Pilipino at ang ating bansa. Let’s unite, set aside our differences para sa bansa, mahirap gawin? Yes, pero kaya..

This netizen highlighted the irony between a diploma and non-diploma holder particularly on their knowledge on foreign policies/geopolitics.

Yung isa may diploma pero mistulang lutang at walang alam. Yung isa wala raw diploma, pero maraming alam lalo na sa foreign policies/geopolitics.

One netizen complimented Chu for coming up with the finest analogy between BBM and Leni and their supporters.

Analogy at its finest. Hindi ka lang tlaga mukhang masarap Krizette ang taba pa ng utak mo. Di ko alam bakit single ka pa din. Hahaha. Iba tlaga pag maganda na matalino pa. Intimidating tlaga 😘😘😘

You may now read Chu’s analogy of BBM vs Leni and their supporters.

Yung mga followers at supporters ni Leni at BBM Super baliktad sa kanilang dalawa no?
Si Leni gusto daw nya radikal magmahal
Pero yung mga supporters radikal mang insulto
Si BBM gusto daw unity at ayaw pumatol
Yung mga supporters nya super grabe makipag away for him
Yung mga followers daw ni BBM b0b0
Pero sya dahil nakakaloko daw ng followers, matalino
Yung mga supporters ni Leni puro daw matalino
Pero sya….
O di ba baliktad


Source: Krizette Chu

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