Netizens applauds feisty blogger who tells Bam Aquino to stick to facts & refrain from milking PNoy’s death?

A feisty MJ Quiambao Reyes, international commodities expert and blogger in her pastime barked at Bam Aquino to just pay respect, stick to facts and refrain from milking his cousin’s death.

Can you not just pay respect, stick to facts, and refrain from milking his death?

Reyes apparently sensed that Bam Aquino, who is cinch to stage a senate comeback in the 2022 election, is trying to squeeze whatever publicity he can squeeze from PNoy’s passing and get advantage over his rivals in the 2022 senatorial race.

“Let your cousin rest in peace. Tsaka ka na mangampanya.”

Reyes’ brief FB rant swiping at Bam Aquino’s attempt to gain free media mileage courtesy of his cousin’s passing has created quite a buzz among her FB followers, generating 4,001 reactions, 807 comments and 337 shares in just an hour.

Here are some of the comments of netizens below echoing Reyes’ sentiment.

“Eh, what do you expect ba from an Aquino?They are masters of necropolitics.Walang accomplishment kaya puro paninira lang.Pattern na yan since Ninoy Aquino,” commented one netizen.

“Noynoy Cause of death: Renal DiseaseBam, huwag mo nang salsalin ang pagkamatay ng pinsan mo. Walang koneksyon ang renal disease na ikinamatay nya sa ek ek na pamumulitika mo! Pati pagkamatay nyo isisisi nyo sa ekonomiya? May pa worried “worried ka pa sa bansa” na nalalaman. “Naghihirap ang bansa pagpasok ng China”, anong KONEKSYON ng Renal Disease na ikinamatay ni Noynoy? Appeal to the emotion ulit Bam?Putsa! Gising na ang mamamayan sa pag gamit nyo ng patay para maluklok sa posisyon,” an annoyed netizen told Bam. #MasaholPaKayo sa #Magnanakaw!#ZeroVoteLP#AquinoNoMore

“Of course he’s going to milk it. That’s the only way he can win as senator again. Expect him to run in 2022 elections now that he can use the Aquino last name once again,” chimed in another netizen.

Another irate netizen told Bam to have the decency to refrain from milking PNoy’s death for his political gain.

“WTF the guy is mentally deficient and this cousin is claiming that the man is worried about a lot of things? Seriously, Noynoy has a mind of a grade school, you (Bam) and all the younger generation of Aquinos have tarnished the name of both Ninoy and Cory, and you still spouting nonsense for political gain over the dead body of the most incompetent president of the Philippines, have ‘delikadeza’ it shows that ang kakapal na talaga ng mukha ninyo.”


Source: MJ Quiambao Reyes

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