Netizens attempt to dissect excerpt of Leni Robredo’s Ateneo de Manila graduation speech but end up with hilarious result

Atty. Leni Robredo’s speech at the Loyola Schools Ateneo de Manila University commencement exercise has produced yet another of her trademark headache-inducing quotable quote that made the former VP popular among the anti-Dilawan crowd to lampoon.

Edwin Jamora, fellow Bicolano vlogger and critic of the former VP found a quote card inspired by Leni Robredo’s commencement exercise speech at the Ateneo de Manila University Loyola campus just recently and shared it on his wall to seek the help of FB followers in dissecting two particular lines Robredo uttered in her speech.

Jamora was apparently had nosebleed moments while reading the two particular excerpts of Robredo’s speech which can be found below:

“Ang paniniwalang ang pagbaba “down from the hill” ay bahagi lang ng proseso” NA BUMABA.

Di ba ganun?

“Ang pagpapatag ng burol para wala ng kailangang umakyat o bumaba.”


Are you ok, po, Dr. Leni Robredo?!

Jamora’s FB followers tried all their might to decipher what Leni Robredo was trying to say and their explanation was hilarious!

One netizen told fellow commenters to shush up because Leni is memorizing the Jack n Jill nursery rhyme.

Shh wag ka po maingay.. sinasaulo nya po yata ung jack and Jill na kanta??🤣🤣🤣🤣

A second netizen warned Robredo that levelling a hill will give her problems with the DENR.

Mayayari ka sa DENR kapag pinatag mo ang burol.

A third warned Leni that leveling a mountain or hill will result in flooding.

Kpag pinatag mo ang burol baha po ang resulta madumb, wag ganun, wag pabida.hindi bagay sayo maging national lider kung ganyan ang laman ng kaisipan mo.

There you go again…bonamine please, joked another netizen.

illegal quarrying.. bad yan madam, chimed in another jester.

Finally, someone offered the sensible explanation of what Leni Robredo was trying to say.

What Leni meant was leveling the playing field. May nagsabi na nito noon di ko lang matandaan kung sino.

You may watch Leni Robredo delivers her speech below.


Source: Edwin Jamora

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