Netizens blast Sharon Cuneta following her comment on slow internet on Facebook went viral

Your hubby is a lawmaker why not pass a bill for urgent changes or he just sit his butt as well together with the other LP . Sometimes think what should be published in social media because it will be thrown back to you.

This is the emphatic response of a netizen identified as Lea L Gaitano Greene to actress Sharon Cuneta’s rant on Facebook against slow wi-fi connection in the country.

In case you’ve missed Cuneta’s post, the actress took to Facebook to express her dismay of the country’s bad internet connection and said…

I cannot believe (or take) how super SLOW wi-fi still is in the Philippines.

The actress’s frustration seems legit though…

How can I expect my country to progress a little faster if it doesn’t even have the very basics necessary in this new techie world we move in? So beyond frustrating.

People making a living in the internet could relate well with Sharon Cuneta’s rage…

Imagine if something like a document was very, very urgent, bound to affect a whole bunch of people, and you couldn’t get it across because e-mail (or something as simple as a video upload) just wouldn’t fly?

In the end, the actress realized that unless we moved our butts, bad internet is here to stay.

Oh, please Lord, let them fix this never-ending problem. It’s bad enough that we have to deal with the traffic situation and would rather stay home. Now we can’t even expect to get things done ASAP sitting on our butts. Grrrrr!

Meanwhile, the actress post reaps mixed reviews among netizens.

Netizen Anj Lin asked Sharon Cuneta on the FB thread and wrote: Why complain now? You should have made ur husband do that long long long long time ago when he himself has been the “so called” law maker.

Netizen Merli Fuchs shared the sentiment of Anj Lin and wrote: How many years is your hubby in the government position? Why only now you`re complaining shawie?Pres. duterte is not a magician na lahat ng problemang iniwan ng mga kaalyado ninyo ay magagawa kaagad niya.. It´s always priority comes first ,thou the Pres. promised to fix that thing.kung maka demand kayo ASAP kaagad?..sabihin mo sa asawa mo tumulong siya sa programa ng presidente hindi yong puro against nalang sila. sa Senate..Give the president the chance to finish his term para makikita natin ang resulta ng pagsusumikap niya para sa bayan.. Sorry.. I`m also your avid fan mula nong bata kapa but this time i must have to say m something against your opinion..

John van Neerven wrote: Were you born just today? Philippines has always been like that due to CORRUPTION and your husband KIKO knows more about it – right?! One solution, why not move to the US? They have
fast WiFi

Imelda Basilio Sevilleja wrote: You are a good talker like your husband ,but not a doer of a good will for suffering people. Both of you are blessed with monies and power ,but both of you NEVER help the suffering people in the Philippines….

Sympathy doesn’t count, compassion in action does…..

Meanwhile, Sharon Cuneta has found allies among netizens who defended her from her critics.

Zerhaick Onidni wrote: Haler! She’s also a human being not the absolute lawmaker and definitely not the owner of all big companies that when there’s a problem she can just decide and approve it. There’s due process so why blame her nor her family for all the fuss this govt we have has? Afterall, she’s still someone who feels what normal person feel and experience.

Shao Sin wrote: So many superficial people… Kapag mayaman at asawa pala ng Senador eh wala ng karapatan na maglabas ng kanyang nararamdaman. Wala naman ako nakita sa post ni Mega na patungkol sa administration or Kay Pangulong Digong.

If you would have watched her recent concert at Solaire, you would have witnessed what she said on stage. Vice President was there. She said good things about Madame Leni. She also said… Wala naman pong perpektong Presidente. Lahat may pagkakamali. Let’s give him (Pres. Duterte) a chance. She said even Kiko na minsan taliwas sa ginagawa ng Pangulo but it doesn’t mean na iniisip namin na di sya mabuting tao. Yan po ang sabi nya.

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