Netizen’s brilliant analogy of President Duterte and senator critics Drilon, Lacson and Gordon to lion and hyenas goes viral

A Facebook post by netizen Jun Abines comparing President Duterte and his critics like Drilon, Lacson and Drilon to lion and hyenas respectively has gone viral recently.

Abines described Dick, Ping and Drilon in one paragraph but one common attribute that stood out like a sore thumb – they work less and talk more.

Dick, Ping and Drilon have one thing in common: They work less and talk more. They are loud and annoying. They attack and gang-up only to scare and intimidate the enemies. But when real challenge arise, they all run with their tails between their legs so the can live and bark another day.

Abines said Drilon, Dick and Ping are akin to hyenas because they don’t kill their prey but rely on the labor of others.

They are like Hyenas. They don’t kill their own prey and rely only on the hardwork of others. Their resumes are only good in papers. But in real life, they are devoid of tangible accomplishments. I doubt if one of them have built a single decent bridge in their decades of public service.

Meanwhile, Abines said President Duterte to a lion because he is the total opposite of the likes of the above-mentioned senators. He does not back down from a fight.

President Rodrigo Duterte in the other hand is the exact opposite. He works hard and sinks his teeth to the neck of his prey. Anyone who dares test his resolve will pay the price. When he faces his enemy, he fights like there’s no tomorrow. He doesn’t care how big, how dangerous or how poisonous kind of animal he is dealing with.

In other words, Abines called President Duterte the real-life lion. A man of action not words and looks after the welfare of his people.

Tatay Digong is a real-life Lion. He walks the talk. He delivers result. A leader who feels and look after the welfare of his people. The kind of leader the Filipino people have been looking and waiting for a long time. In the last five and half years, he built more public infrastructure than the last five presidents before him, and more.

Abines described President Duterte as the work hard, work smart and let his accomplishments speaks for itself type of leader. However, when the trio of critics engaged him in barking contest, the President roared back like an angry lion.

President Duterte worked hard, worked smart and let his accomplishments speaks for itself. But as he is about to step down from his throne; Dick, Ping and Drilon engaged him into barking contest trying to undermine his legacy. Now Tatay Digong, like an angry Lion lounged forward with all his might!

Abines said President Duterte caught Dick by his neck while leaving Ping and Drilon to run for lives.

Digong counter-attacked Dick Gordon like there is no tomorrow. He was like a Lion who caught an annoying Hyena on its neck and about to break it anytime with his sharp fangs and mighty jaw. While Ping and Drilon all ran for their lives leaving Dick on own.

President Duterte’s counter-attack forced Dick to wave the white flag and asked if the lion will let go of the deathly grip of his prey?

Now Dick is waiving the white flag! “Huwag po tayo mag-away” the Pinguin err, the Senator from Olongapo pleaded. Will the Lion break his neck? Or will he let go of the annoying dog that disturbed his peace?

Abines conceded that President Duterte may be old and tired but like a lion, he will not hesitate to hunt his prey and die any day.

Tatay Digong may be old and tired. But he is a real Lion in every inch, ready to kill and die anyday. Fearless, determined and dangerous. He has shown the world that Filipinos are world class leaders. That Philippines can be a great nation if we elect leaders with brains, balls and political will.

Abines lamented that in the last 30 years, the Philippines has produced leaders whom he called hyenas. Drilon and company are the perfect examples Abines added.

Sadly, most of our leaders in the last 30 years since Cory Aquino were gutless and annoying Hyenas. Their talents are but feasting on government resources for a long time. Dick, Ping and Drilon are the very example of their kind.

Abines ended the long FB post by urging netizens to replace the hyenas with lions in the coming polls.

We need to replace those Hyenas with Lions. Leaders who have the brains and the means to do what is right. Leaders who have the claws and the fangs to run after the enemies. Leaders who have the guts and the balls to fight until death when the challenges arises.

As of this writing, Abines FB post has generated 9,100+ reactions, 351 comments and 7,400+ shares in more than 24 hours and counting.


Source: Jun Abines

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