Netizen’s brilliant explanation of the Senator Bato’s “second chance” comment on the Sanchez issue makes a strong case on social media

For his “second chance” comment on rumor floating around the web that former Calauan Mayor Antonio Sanchez will soon be released from prison, Senator Bato has been crucified and the butt of jokes on social media by critics and opposition supporters.

And sadly, some supporters of President Duterte even joined the opposition critics in bashing the neophyte senator.

However, if you read the FB post of fellow Mindanaoan Jun Avelino, he said Senator Bato was quoted out of context by mainstream media. To say the least, Bato’s statement was maliciously slanted when reported to the public because the more controversial mainstream media story is, the more it sells to the public.

In other words, Senator Bato’s comment was chop-chop by the mainstream because of what else?

Greed and their self-serving interest. Avelino shared Bato’s statement to illustrate his point.

“(If) it is determined by the Board of Pardon(s) and Parole that he (Sanchez) deserved that commutation, then why not?” Dela Rosa told ANC Wednesday. “He deserves a second chance in life.”

Avelino explained Senator Bato was feed with a double-edged question that basically forced him to choose between a rock and hard place.

If you asked Avelino, Senator Bato chose the best answer possible because, had he answered in the negative, his stature as a lawmaker will be put to question because the RA 10592 allows the 11,000 convicts including the likes of Sanchez to apply and qualify depending on the determination of the Board of Pardons and Parole for early release. And by opposing it, he is disrespecting the ruling of the SC and therefore, violates the law which he is supposed to uphold.

Meanwhile, Avelino took a jab at the new generations of activists these days whom he described as stupid, idiots, irrelevant and ignorant which he said are a far cry from the activists of their generations who were highly respected, considered intelligent, well versed on issues and excellent debaters on current events and relevant issues.

Moving forward. According to Jun Avelino’s analysis, PRRD and Senator Bato may have conspired to set up a trap using the Sanchez issue as a bait to lure the opposition critics to react on the issue and then use their comments to pin them down when the administration shifts the debate on the planned re-introduction of de@th penalty in the country.

For a detailed explanation, I suggest you read the full text of Jun Avelino’s full FB post below now.

Senator Bato’s “Second Chance” Song versus the Yellowtard’s Hypocritical Political Grandstanding

I am not Senator De la Rosa’s apologist. I just happened to personally know the man being also a full blooded MSUAn.

Obviously, his “why not” comment recently in relation to Sanchez’ possible release issue was taken out of context. To say the least, it was maliciously slanted when presented to the public for the issue to get picked up by the public and presto – the admin adversaries will have something to feast on. They say, desperate times call for desperate measures. That’s how desperate our journalists are these days for their stories to sell.

In ABS-CBN’s on line issue dated 21 August, it quoted Bato’s response from his ANC interview earlier that day, to wit:

“(If) it is determined by the Board of Pardon(s) and Parole that he (Sanchez) deserved that commutation, then why not?” Dela Rosa told ANC Wednesday. “He deserves a second chance in life.”

Any person with sound mind understands the “caveat” to his affirmative response to the question and that is “if the board of pardons and parole determined” that Sanchez indeed qualified, then who is he to say no? If the grant of release is in accordance with the law, then by all means, he should be released. As a lawmaker whose work is to enact laws, he should answer in the affirmative. Had he answered otherwise, then his stature as a lawmaker will be put to question because the RA 10592 allows the 11,000 convicts including the likes of Sanchez to apply and qualify depending on the determination of the Board of Pardons and Parole for early release. And by opposing it, he is disrespecting the ruling of the SC and therefore, violates the law which he is supposed to uphold. It was like a double-edge sword and on either side, one expects to get hacked as media people have a pre-planned attack articles ready to flood MSM whichever way your answer is heading. It’s how they earn and feed their family… So give it to them… But how can they stomach feeding their families based on stories made up of lies and fabrications? Sanamagan!

When his response was picked up by the media in the succeeding days, the context from which it was said and the caveat for which the affirmative answer was based were all gone. They made it appear that “Bato supports the release of Sanchez”! Sanamagan!!!

A classic example of how it was maliciously taken for grandstanding by some quarters was when one Raoul Manuel of NUSP stupidly brought up Bato’s “stance” on the issue to attack the good Senator right at the Senate during a hearing on the proposed revival of ROTC. Of course, he deserved Bato’s wrath not only for being off tangent on the topic, irrelevant and mediocre, pretending to be intelligent but also for being stupid! How can you come to a Senate hearing without knowing the facts of your issues and have the gall to jack off your trashy ideas which only you and your handful minions accept and understand? This idiot becomes the epitome of how activists nowadays have transformed into lowlife forms and caused the hallowed word “activism” to become unpalatable to our society today.

In the old days, activists were best debaters and they recruited members through ideas during debates, discussions and fora in schools. The best ones to debate and argue usually attracted new members and intelligent ones, because at that time an activist was highly respected, considered intelligent, well versed on issues and excellent debaters on current events and relevant issues. We graduated as cum laudes and some were magnas. So when we marched on the streets, we never covered our faces and we waved banners and carried placards with heads up high, because we were proud to be activists and we knew then that the society treated as with high regard and respect and our parents too were proud to see and called us activists then.

Today, when one meets an activist, the common reaction is.. Ewwwee…. Kaluod nimo oi! Mao nang nag aktibista ka kay bugo man gud ka.. wala ka kapasa sa mga subjects… Para ingnon brayt mao nang nag aktibista ka..pero polpol ka!….. Sadly, activists nowadays are looked at with disdain by the society because they now represent stupidity, idiocy, irrelevance and ignorance as exemplified by Raoul Manuel of NUSP during that Senate hearing. He may have apologized for indiscriminately firing off his idiotic arrogance in public but he has unfortunately brought his colleagues and his organization down with him.

But was there really a deliberate plan to release Sanchez as they suggested? The admin critics argued that had it not been discussed in the public, Sanchez would have been released by now. With due respect, I find this assertion too illogical on many grounds.

First, what would the administration gain if it releases Sanchez other than being lambasted by the public which may cause the drop of the administration’s support from the people. Can one think of any trade off? The guy is politically dead and most of us wished him dead for the heinous crimes he committed. Is he someone indispensable that the administration badly needs for something that Digong will risk his administration’s image just to release him? Totally absurd! Digong’ critics must be hallucinating because they cannot fathom what Duterte’s next moves are.

Second, if there is indeed a deliberate plan, then the administration would have not opened up on the issue of possible release of Sanchez before the public. They could have just surreptitiously processed his release papers and inform the public on the news only when he has been released. But it was the DOJ who broached this possibility of his release to the public as a consequence of the SC ruling on the interpretation of RA 10592. And it was such information from DOJ, Panelo’s Statement and Bato’s “why not comment” which triggered this discussion but were unfortunately presented to the public by the media in a distorted manner, thus making it appear that the administration is poised to release Sanchez.

But if one cares to analyze carefully how the administration handles these political intramurals, it appears that his critics have fallen to a trap like mindless fools while Digong is winning on three fronts.

First, Duterte’s lieutenants broached the news on the possibility on the release of Sanchez as a consequence of SC ruling on the interpretation of RA 10592 which of course triggered a public outcry opposing such release. It was done as a matter of truth so the public may know. A clash of positions ensued between DOJ’s posturing of merely implementing a law as part of its mandate as opposed to the people’s emotional clamor for Sanchez to rot in jail. The yellows and the reds were at it.. grabbing this opportunity and hoping to get support from the public in attacking the government on all fronts for its position on Sanchez issue. Then suddenly, Digong came out with a firm statement not to release Sanchez may heavens fall. Ouch! The reds and yellows left the group and the people cheered for Digong.

Second, the DOJ has successfully brought to the fore, for public discussion, the flaws of the RA 10592 which was enacted in 2013 and approved by PNoy, thus increasing the good conduct time allowance computation, thereby allowing convicts like Sanchez to apply for early release. Of course, lawyers can now argue among themselves whether nor not, the likes of Sanchez can qualify. But that issue is now a matter for courts to decide when someone like Sanchez applies given the SC ruling on the interpretation of the said law. So, DOJ was correct in triggering the public discourse for the people to realize that this law is indeed stupid and that the likes of human right lawyers like Saguisag, Diokno et al who secured the SC ruling which rendered the likes of Sanchez as beneficiaries by accident on the application of the law, the yellow congress who enacted it and PNoy who approved in into law, should bear the brunt of the public wrath. Why look at Duterte? He didn’t approve the law much less filed cases to favor the likes of Sanchez. This is a law “hatched in hell by the yellows” so they have to be made accountable to the people.

Third, Senator Dela Rosa has baited the reds and yellows into one trap they can impossibly escape. When I heard him on the interview telling the public that the likes of Sanchez deserved a second chance in life, of course I thought he was up to something fishy. In Davao, I heard, there is no second chance for recidivist and those convicts of heinous crimes. I was told, when one commits a heinous crime there and given the chance to go out, he refused to leave the prison and prefers to stay in jail for safety. There were stories when rapists of children, recidivist and murderers got out of jail, were shot dead the moment they stepped out of prison. Of course, these are not government sanctioned but the victims hailed it as poetic justice. I wonder if bato and Go can confirm these stories. So, it is unlikely for Bato, who once served as PNP Chief of DCPO under Digong, to sing the song of “second chance in life” by heart for heinous crimes convict like Sanchez whom i believe, he wants to crush to death by bare hands for his crimes.

Upon hearing the dissonant orchestra of the yellows and reds and all anti Duterte morons for that matter attacking him for his comments, oh boy, I realized, the man really has the genes of a true MSUAn who can trap monkeys of yellow and reds kind by the neck with bare hands and tongue….

If you may recall during the 2019 elections campaign, Bato was bombarded with criticisms for advocating the passage of death penalty law. The main argument raised by his antagonists, including VP Robredo, CHR, HRW, the yellows and religious leaders was that criminals are human beings and have the capacity to change and therefore deserved a second chance to reform. They should not be killed. The prison term is reformatory and criminals no matter how heinous the crime they have committed can reform and should be given the second chance of life. Therefore, no to death penalty law!

Now, in the instant case of Sanchez, Senator Bato sung the same song of the Anti Death penalty law advocates and got a whooping adversarial reaction from the same antagonists of the proposed measure that the likes of Sanchez do not deserve a second chance. Alangan naman sabihin nila na habang buhay pakininin ng gobyerno hanggang mamatay without any chance of reforming with possibility for release. Kalokohan!

So, Senator De la Rosa must be laughing his heart out now waiting for the opportune time to raise the issue on death penalty law to be taken up in the Senate with the Sanchez issue positions of his opponents to be used as arguments to pin them down. It’s a well-crafted trap and the idiots voluntarily bound themselves in. Tangaa ninyo oi!

Lastly, if I may put the whole hullabaloo in a nutshell, the whole drama about Sanchez’ possible release was akin to a fire started by the media and the yellows, reds and anti Duterte forces for that matter jumped in to fuel it like that of the current amazon fire to pin down the administration. But Digong bravely showed up, unzipped his pants and with his huge asset akin to that of a fire truck, pee on the fire which went off instantly. Then he left like a real man with Filipinos cheering with adulation, thus leaving his adversaries in awe and with shameful realization and inferiority complex, not with Digong’s size but how Filipinos look at them in the real body politic. Just one word to describe the 3% who blindly attacked the oldn man, as far as Filipinos are concerned…… IDIOTS!
– Jun Avelino

(You may share this piece without asking permission – Jun Avelino)

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