Netizen’s brilliant explanation to Angel Locsin why mass testing is a waste of taxpayers’ money goes viral

Mass testing! Mass testing! Mass testing!

This is the cry of the so-called wokes on Twitter and even in street protests and rallies despite the GQ ban believing that this is our best way forward in defeating the virus.

However, as far as the the brilliant and articulate Manila Bulletin writer Krizette Laureta Chu is concerned, this is just a waste of taxpayers’ money if this is done to meet politically motivated demands.

In a Facebook post, Chu explained to Ms. Angel Locsin why mass testing is an exercise in futility.

Chu gave a hypothetical situation to drive home her point.

‘So di ba Ms Angel, nag de demand tayo ng mass testing?’

‘Kunyari nag conduct nga ng testing today, Tuesday

Tapos sa Thursday pumunta tayong rally/noise barrage/whatever. Sa Sunday, lalabas yung result natin. Negative.

Pero sa Thursday, nahawaan na pala tayo. Sa Monday after thinking na negative tayo, nag protest tayo ulit. Super spreader event.’

While Chu scoffs at mass testing which the so-called wokes and Ms. Angel prefer, she preaches targeted testing for people exposed to the virus, locally stranded individuals, OFWs. Speaking of targeted testing, Ms Chu said the government has been doing this for a long time and even escalating our capability.

‘I reiterate: Mass TESTING does not help in cases like this. Targeted testing, like LSI, OFW, those who come in contact with those who have been COVID19 positive, do. And we are already doing targeted testing. Matagal na, and we are even increasing our capability.’

Here’s more. Chu said mass testing is cause for FAKE SECURITY. Emphasis not mine. According to Chu, mass testing only works if after it’s done, no one leaves the house. Otherwise, it is just waste of money that should go to more important things. Chu added we can do mass testing after all our schedules of rallies are done, sit back in our huts, then, we can have our mass testing.

‘Mass testing is cause for FAKE SECURITY. Buti kung nagpa mass test tayo tapos wala nang aalis sa bahay. What a waste of money that should go to other things. After matapos lahat ng schedules ng rally tapos pupuruko na tayo sa ating mga payag, doon po, pwede na po tayo magpa test.’

Chu ended the FB post by reiterating her stance regarding mass testing – it is a waste of taxpayers’ money especially if it was done in reaction to a politically motivated demands. She took a swipe at the wokes line thinking that we splurge it on unnecessary things because the government borrowed huge amount of money is wrong because the pandemic is not going away very soon.

‘Sayang po kasi sa tax natin kung sa mga ganyang politically motivated demands. Mali po yung thinking na dahil malaki ang inutang ng gobyerno eh lustayin sa hindi kailangan kasi matagal pa itong pandemya. Marami pang bibilhin na PPE, atbp.’


BTW, Chu advised people who wants to do the drive thru testing in Manila LGU not to do it out of curiosity but he or she will not practice stay at home policy but do it because out of necessity. Otherwise, he or she is just wasting taxpayers’ money.

PS: YUNG MGA NAG drive through testing dyan sa Manila LGU, pls don’t do it out of curiosity or kung aalis ka lang din ulit, pls do it because you need clearance for a job, you need clearance for essential travel, you have real symptoms, and other essential reasons. Pera din natin yan as mamamayan.

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Source: Krizette Chu

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