Netizen’s brilliant rebuttal makes former SolGen & bar topnotcher Pilo Hilbay looks like your average lawyer

On Twitter, former SolGen Pilo Hilbay defended netizens asking #NasaanAngPangulo, saying it is not to demand the impossible — that he stop Super Typhoon Rolly. The former SolGen said it was asking where was the highest official of the country when it was pummeled by the strongest typhoon of the year?

The former SolGen reckoned that in time of crisis, presence is a sign of leadership. Otherwise, it is a abandonment of duty.

The former SolGen Pilo Hilbay’s statement did not sit well with staunch Duterte supporter Tio Moreno and wrote a brilliant response on Twitter to reject Hilbay’s assertion and at the same time, made the former looked like your average lawyer.

On Facebook, Moreno opened by taking a swipe at Hilbay, saying he is proof that the brand of leadership he is accustomed to was useless and do only lip service.

“PILO HILBAY is proving to the whole nation that the brand of leadership he worked with before is USELESS and ONLY GOOD AT WORDS.”

Judging by the tone of her voice, I imagined Moreno smirking at Hilbay’s definition of leadership which was obviously referring to BS Aquino.

“He served the bullshit Aquino and this is how he described leadership- ‘In a time of crisis, presence is a sign of leadership. Absence is abandonment of duty.'”

Hilbay’s swipe at President Duterte’s leadership forced Moreno’s hand to turn back the hand of time, specifically, PNoy’s time since Hilbay was talking about leadership to make Hilbay eat his own words.

“Let’s go back to the crises we experienced during BS Aquino time.”

Moreno began, using Hilbay’s logic, that if presence is a sign of leadership, where was PNoy when Yolanda struck? According to Moreno, PNoy was in Manila.

“If presence is a sign of leadership, then where is PNoy when Yolanda struck Eastern Visayas? Ofc! He’s in Manila, he wasn’t in the ground zero because it would be hard for him to do a media interview 🙄 If his early media briefings saved up people then why did we have an estimate of 6k-7K death and 24,000 individuals injured? And this is bad death toll, hence, they stopped the counting to approximately 4K only to cover up their incompetence when it comes to disaster management.”

Moreno also recalled the partying incident involving the 600 PSG and PNoy with Valerie Concepcion as guest entertainer while Typhoon Sendong wreaked havoc in Mindanao. Moreno asked if this was not an abandonment of duty, he does not know what will.

“Remember Bagyong Sendong? Amidst its devastating landfall, Aquino along with the members of the Presidential Security Groups (PSG) were partying and the alleged 600 people were entertained by Valerie Concepcion when she cracked jokes and performed 3 songs 🤡 If this is not an abandonment of duty then I don’t know what that is.”

Moreno addressed the wokes, leftists and dilawans that the Duterte supporters and 90%+ Filipinos are tired with their brand of politics – which he said is currently the brand of politics Leni Robredo is associated with.

“To the wokes, leftists, dilawans, and ugly anti-government peeps— we are so done with the “megaphone politics” or “camera politics”— something that Leni Robredo is currently executing.”

Moreno spelt out what the Filipino wants from the government.

“What the Filipino people want to receive from the government is ACTION not WORDS.”

Moreno reminded, in case he forgot, that President Duterte already gave instruction to his underlings prior to Super Typhoon Rolly’s onslaught.

“Remember that prior to the onslaught of Typhoon Rolly, Duterte was able to mobilize his team. He already tapped the agencies involved to do their tasks and he does not need to micro-manage LGUs because during his time Local Government Units are working.”

Moreno went on to enumerate preparations made by the government before Super Typhoon Rolly made landfall.

Cases in point:

  • NDRRMC was already on red alert status and they were closely coordinating w/ the regional disaster risk and and management councils and LGUs to keep track on the typhoon. They managed to do the Pre-Disaster Risk Management as well to make sure that affected areas will be prepared to the impact of this phenomenon.
  • DSWD as of October 30 already had the stockpiles and standby funds amounting 879M ready to be distributed to the LGUs.
  • PDRRMO were all set for the rescue operations.
  • Philippine Coast Guard (PCG) nationwide were in 24/7 look out to ensure safety
  • Millions of people were already moved to the evacuation areas.
  • National Resource and Logistics Management Bureau was so busy repacking relief goods, etc.

Moreno, beaming with pride, claimed that all these were done without fanfare.

“These were all done without a media interview. These were all done behind cameras. These weren’t broadcasted in the mainstream media because they were very busy covering the DOLOMITE in Manila Bay.”

On Hilbay’s question: where was the President when the strongest typhoon battered the country? Moreno replied that the President was in Davao City, monitoring the situation and giving instruction when required.

Now #NasaanAngPangulo? Hilbay, he is currently in Davao (just so you know) monitoring the country because it would be easier for him to mobilize the team since he’s safe and sound.

“Following your idea means we need abolish all government agencies in-charged because you want the president to do it all.”

In case Hilbay and fellow Dilawans wonder why Duterte supporters are very protective of the President? Moreno said the President have no time to defend himself because he is busy doing his job, hence it is just right someone will do the defending in his behalf.

“The reason why we are protecting the president? Because when all of you are busy lambasting him online, the strong old man is also busy doing his tasks as the father of our nation.”

Moreno ended the FB post by sharing his own definition of leadership or an attribute of an effective President.

“Thank God! Gov’t aids, relief operation, rehabilitation, road clearing, search & rescue, among other things continue to pour in. An effective president encourages his commissaries to lead & work even without a “megaphone” and a “camera.”


Source: Tio Moreno

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