Netizen’s brilliant reply to wokes comparing Philippines vs. South Korea’s response to pandemic goes viral

Reading the tweets and Facebook status posts and comments of the so-called wokes on anything related to the pandemic can be quite toxic.

Well, the so-called wokes love to compare the Philippines response on the covid-19 pandemic to that of South Korea. They talk how great South Korea’s mass testing, aid, etc.

Arguing with these people is useless because most of them have already made up their minds against the government.

However, if you are type who regards debating with these people as your as a pastime, you may find the latest FB post of Manila Bulletin writer Krizette Laureta Chu very useful.

Moving forward, Ms. Chu started by saying that South Korea’s response to covid pandemic isn’t the standard but the exception. Why? Not all 1st world countries have the same response as the SoKors.

Ms. Chu sounded curious if the critics want to compare the Philippines to South Korea, a rich country today but a third world or poor country in the past?

For starters, Ms. Chu talked about the awe-inspiring phenomenon called the GOLD COLLECTING CAMPAIGN. I first heard this during the financial crisis in the 1990s wherein South Koreans, rich or poor, formed long lines in the streets to donate whatever gold they have (jewelries) to help the national government rebuild and repay its foreign debt.

The South Korean banks acted as the conduit of the GOLD COLLECTING CAMPAIGN. According to Ms. Chu, around $2B worth of gold were collected from ordinary South Koreans.

Ms. Chu remarked that if we compare the governments between two countries, there is a huge difference.

Ms. Chu went further by urging fellow Pinoys to compare our attitudes to the South Koreans, who are not only willing to donate their gold to the government, they are also willing to render service to their military with no exceptions, even if he is a KPop star.

Ms. Chu took a swipe at some Filipinos who cite tax as an example of “ambag?” as if they don’t use the roads, the public hospitals and public schools etc..

Ms Chu ended the FB post by feigning she was amazed by the gall of these Filipinos to make such comparison and joked she would hit them with Ms. Korina’s flip-flops.

You may read Krizette Chu’s original FB post below now.

‘Bakit daw hindi daw kasing galing ng government natin ang South Korea? Grabe daw ang mass testing, ang ayuda, etc.’

Una sa lahat, South Korea is not the standard of Covid response, it is the exception. Hindi lahat ng first world countries ganyan ang response.

Icocompare nyo tayo sa South Korea na mayaman ngayon, na mahirap dati?

When they were rebuilding before, as a struggling country, the government had what they called the GOLD COLLECTING CAMPAIGN, encouraging citizens to donate their golds to the government so that the government can rebuild and also pay off their loans.

The entire country sprang to action even when the population was struggling themselves. If I remember the figures right, they collected close to 2 billion dollars. They collected through banks, and pila pila ang mga tao don na hindi naman mayaman pero willing to sacrifice.
If you see photos of the citizens there lining up, you will be amazed.

Compare nyo ang government natin sa South Korea. Ang laki ng difference no?

Compare nyo yaman natin sa kanila. Hirap natin no?

Tapos para medyo mahiya kayo, compare nyo din ugali nyo sa mga ugali ng Koreans, na hindi Lang willing to donate to their own government, willing pa to render service to their military with no exceptions, kahit KpOp star ka pa.

Eh yung ginagamit nyong example ang tax ninyo as “ambag?” na parang hindi kayo nakikinabang sa mga kalsada, sa mga ospital na pampubliko, sa public schools atbp.

WOW HA. Tsinelasin ko kaya kayo ng tsinelas ni Madam Korina.

Krizette Chu’s response to wokes who love to compare the Philippines and South Korea’s handling of the pandemic has created quite a buzz on FB, generating more than 2000+ shares, 14,400+ reaction and almost 1000 comments in 9 hours since posting.

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Source: Krizette Laureta Chu

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