Netizen’s brilliant response to criticism Duterte government a failure in handling pandemic goes viral

The Duterte administration, especially President Duterte, has been severely criticized by some disgruntled netizens with regards to its handling of the pandemic.

Some netizens called the Duterte government a failure in slowing down the pandemic. Some unfairly blame the President for the spread of the coronavirus.

Some have their own way of putting down the Philippines by heaping praises on other countries while saying bad mouthing the Philippines in socmed.

On that note, a certain netizen named Noel Landero Sarifa has taken to Facebook to express his sentiment on the criticism against the Duterte administration, which by the tone of his voice, completely rejects the criticisms. Instead, he praise the government for doing a good job despite the circumstances.

In a Facebook post, Sarifa opened with a series of questions, setting the tone of his arguments.

‘Why do we see this government a failure when the world sees that he is doing a good job?’ [Link here]

Why do we blame the president for the spread of the virus when he made all logical thing to do to prevent the spread of the virus and death of Filipino.

Sarifa remarked that when Filipinos thought that Singapore, India were winning against the war vs covid, many Filipinos praised and started comparing our country to them, but it turned out, they were wrong, Singapore and India have more cases than us now.

Noong inakala nating panalo ang Singapore, madami ang humanga at kinumpara ang ating bansa sa kanila, we are wrong, they have more cases than us now, nasa 42K.

Noong inakala nating mas maganda ang paghandle ng India dahil mas firm and strict ang implementation nila, again we are wrong, nasa almost half million na ang infected sa kanila.

The Filipinos were proven wrong again after having this notion that the US and UK will fare better than us because they are 1st world countries with superior health care system but many months later, they have one of the highest cases in the world.

When we thought US and UK can handle all odds and they are on top of the situation dahil mas advance sila sa atin again we are wrong, sila ngayon ang may pinakamaraming cases.

From here, Sarifa argued the government cannot be blamed for lack of effort because it has issued warnings repeatedly, imposed quarantine and what not but despite these, we still see Filipinos doing their thing without a care in the world.

Hindi naman nagkulang ang pamahalaan, nagbigay ng babala, nagpatupad ng quarantine and restrictions, but we still see people nagsasabong, we still see posts people crowded in a market place, we still see people out gathering.

Sarifa said the government distributed relief goods and even money, food but the pervasive culture of corruption renders President Duterte almost helpless in controlling these factors without imposing strict regulations but when he wants go to this route, he will get criticized and called a dictator.

Sa relief namigay naman ng ayuda, namigay ng pagkain, but then we have culture of corruption, madaming magugulang na Pilipino, one man cannot control it alone, lalo na kapag nag iimpose sya ng strict regulations binabatikos at sinasabing diktador.

On critics commenting the Duterte government have no concrete plans against the pandemic? Sarifa cited several factors why the government fails to meet their expectations that even 1st world countries were caught unprepared.

Sinasabi nyong walang concrete plans? Who the hell was ready for this? Sasabihin nyo bat nagawa sa ibang bansa? There are a lot of factors, population density, citizens cooperation and discipline, budget and accessibility to medical care.

Sarifa lamented the lack of willingness among Filipinos to cooperate with the government though our tagline is We Heal as One.

Our tagline is We Heal as One, but we don’t work as one, habang nagkukumahog ang mga frontliners sa hospital naglalabasan ang iba para magrally, habang namimigay ng ayuda ang gobyerno, madaming local government ang may anomalya sa distribution, habang sinasabing stay at home, may nagiinuman, may nagsasabong.

Sarifa answered two of the most important questions many Filipinos wanted to ask but don’t have the opportunity to do so. He also shifted the blame from the government to the Filipinos because of our failure to unite amid the pandemic.

Is the government doing its job, yes, I have never felt the same presence of our government right now than before. Do we rely everything and blame everything to our government? No, it is all our fault cause hindi tayo magkakaisa, madaming pasaway, madaming kontra.

Sarifa urged to look at the brighter side of things like our low mortality rate and the resilience of our health care system despite the challenges they faced.

Lets look at the brighter side, yes we have a lot of infected, but our health care is working since our mortality rate is low, if naging pabaya ang DOH and ang Presidente, madami na sanang namatay, that hundreds of thousands of lives saved can be yours, your family, one of your love one and it is something worth na ipagpasalamat.

Sarifa wrapped up the post by telling Filipinos that it’s never too late and starts working as one so we can heal as one.

Now hindi pa huli ang lahat, stop the blame game and help the government, if the government fails we all do. Hindi to laban lang ng gobyerno laban to ng sambayanang Pilipino, lets work as one, let’s heal as one.

Noel Sarifa’s post generated quite a buzz on Facebook, getting 4,700+ reactions, 2,300+ shares and 500+ comments as of this writing.

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