Netizen’s brilliant suggestion of a prelim debate between Robredo and Pacquiao to determine BBM’s challenger goes viral

Manila Bulletin writer Krizette Chu’s brilliant suggestion in response to Leni Robredo challenging BBM to a one-one-one debate has left 17,000+ netizens amused and counting.

Chu reckoned that since Pacquiao also challenged BBM to a debate, as the self-appointed referee of the debates, she decided that Pacquiao and Robredo will need to debate between themselves first.

The winner will then then proceed to debate versus the frontrunner, BBM.

Chu urged her followers to choose their bet, Pacquiao or Robredo: Where do you hold the playoff before your dream of playing for the championship? Chu asked in jest.

Chu joked that Pinoys who want to watch the Battle of Brains sitcom between Leni and Manny will have to pay P50,000. She encouraged spectators to bring tons of tissue paper.

If Chu’s FB post was funny, her followers also tried their very best to come up with the wittiest comment to entertain fellow netizens.

One netizen wrote that a Leni-Manny debate is a nice suggestion. It is the kind of debate where listeners won’t learn a thing or two but still, very fun.

Magandang debate to. Yung tipong walang kang matututunan, pero sobrang saya mo.

A second netizen agreed with the above commenter that Leni-Manny debate will be interesting.

A third wrote that sanitary napkins are a must for female viewers.

Sanitary napkin ang dalhin Ng mga babaeng manood kasi mapapaihi sa katatawa Ng wala sa Oras 🤣🤣🤣

That will be more interesting. I will wear diaper at baka maihi ako sa katatawa.

This comment left 5,800+ netizens laughing their ass off.

You may now read Krizette Chu’s original FB post below.

Parehong nag hamon si Pacquiao at si Robredo kay BBM.

As the self appointed referee of these bouts, I have decided that Pacquiao and Robredo will need to debate between themselves first.

Whoever wins will get the chance to debate against the frontrunner, Mr Marcos.

Pili na kayo, Sen Pacquiao at VP Robredo: Saan gaganapin ang playoffs nyo bago kayo mangarap sumalang sa championship?

P50,000 per seat sa Battle of the Brains sitcom between Robredo and Pacquiao. Magdala ng maraming tissue.


Source: Krizette Chu

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