Netizens debate whether Yorme Isko Moreno runs for President in 2022 despite lack of experience or go for re-election

According to radio host and blogger Mark Lopez, the camp of Yorme Isko is a mess right now.

Basically, there are two school thoughts in Yorme’s camp.

The well-meaning advises want Yorme to run for re-election.

But Yorme’s ambition it appears is more dominant over the other voices in his camp.

So Lopez heard that even Yorme’s sponsor is now abandoning him.

“Magulo na daw sa kampo ni Yorme.
May mga well meaning advisers na ang payo eh dapat ituloy muna pagka yorme.
Pero nangingibabaw ata ambisyon.
Now pati ung sponsor na sounds like Halo Halo eh bumibitaw na din daw…”

Lopez’s FB post has been creating quite a buzz among his socmed followers, generating 5,100+ reactions, 549 comments and 108 shares in 14 hours and counting.

Netizens joined the animated debate whether Yorme should seek the highest position in the land in 2022 or delay it until 2028 and just for re-election.

One group of netizens question Yorme’s readiness to run for President when he cannot even run Manila properly. For example, the chaotic vaccination in his city.

“How can Yorme be a president? He cannot even hold vaccinations that are orderly and systematic. Instead of using appointment system of scheduling for vaccination, he allowed people to just walk-in. If you go to any vaccination center in Manila, it has become a super spreader event. Gustong makarami ng mabakunahan and score pogi points, but at the expense of people’s safety.”

“1st term as a mayor ng maynila or only 3 years as executive experience under his belt tapos gusto tumakbo as president? Parang pacquiao lang walang malalim na experience as executive side of politics. Sara Duterte pa din!” complained another netizen.

To which another netizen replied to question Yorme’s readiness: “oo nga 1st time mayor at hindi pa natatapos ang isang termino manlang, aakyat agad sa taas, ibig sabihin incomplete sya, iiwan nya sa ere mga nasasakupan nya lols”

Meanwhile, this netizen thinks Yorme is ready for the job because he exhibits the traits of what makes a good leader: “In fairness puedeng puede maging President si Yorme. Andyan sa kanya ang katangian ng isang magaling na Leader. Ang prob lng, hindi natin alam ang kakayahan nya pag sugpo sa Terrorism, sa mga national at international drug syndicates. Hindi rin tayo sure sa mga taong nakapaligid sa kanya. Dapat cguro maging transparent sya pero oks sa akin ang tapang nya. Need pa cguro kilalanin pa syang mabuti.”

Yorme’s toughness is only acting said another. “acting lang tapang nya. Para pakita lang sa mga tao. My views. Ayoko talaga sa kanya. Parang my hidden fakeness. ✌️☺️. Wag Magalit Kasi I’m entitled with my opinion.”

“One term pa nga lang as Yorme, marami pang problema ang Maynila. Natalo nga as senator noon. May shooting pa sya. Pwede may patunayan muna?” another netizen said Yorme needs to prove himself before taking a shot at a national position. He once lost when ran for senator.

Let us end the post with a message from a netizen who thinks running for president in 2022 and lose to a better rival is the end of Yorme’s political career: “If Isko pushes to run for President and if he falters to win, he would be having a hard time to redeem himself. The practical and logical choice for him is to run for Mayor again and wait until 2028.”


Source: Mark Lopez

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