Netizens doubt Joma Sison’s sincerity on peace talks in the wake of August 20 ceasefire announcement

Drawing flak for failing to meet the deadline imposed by Duterte demanding an explanation of the ambush of government troops, Joma Sison had a changed of heart.

A day after President Duterte lifted the government’s unilateral ceasefire, Joma Sison of the (CPP-NPA) said it is still open to a truce by August.

The announcement from the CPP-NPA grabbed the headlines of several major news organizations in the country including GMA News, welcoming the latest development in the quest for peace.

The peace talks with the CPP-NPA has been stalled for decades until President Duterte assumed the Presidency, giving the insurgency-weary Filipinos a ray of hope for peace.

It can be recalled that one of President Rodrigo Duterte’s election campaign promises is to reach out to the communist leaders to resume the peace talks and end the longest running insurgency in Southeast Asia.

Fast forward, President Duterte announced a government unilateral ceasefire during his first SONA, jumpstarting the peace process which was well applauded by the crowd in Batasan and ordinary people in the streets.

Previously, President Duterte sent a delegation to Europe and met with the leaders of the CPP-NPA to start the journey to peace.

However, an unfortunate incident in Mindanao that resulted in the death of a paramilitary trooper due to an NPA ambush threatened to undermine the peace process.

President Duterte demanded an explanation from the CPP-NPA of the incident, otherwise, he will lift the unilateral ceasefire he issued earlier.

When Joma Sison and the CPP-CPA failed to meet the deadline, President Duterte made good of his threat and lifted the unilateral ceasefire.

As a result, Joma Sison and the CPP-NPA got bashed by netizens, calling them all sorts of names and accused of being untrustworthy.

Netizen ‎Nitz Renito Rufino Bognot shared his statement on Facebook that reads:

‎I only have one question to make addressed to CPP-NPA-NDF. Why didn’t you make the explanation within the deadline set by the President since anyway you did just that, well… just a little later? Was it intended to show your power? To show that you’re not bounded by the President? To show that you’re capable of locking horns with Pres. Duterte? I have the reason to suspect that – because the reason you gave him now was simple, & to me… acceptable. Isn’t that what negotiation are all about? You budge an inch, the other party does likewise until you reach a common ground. President Duterte’s declaration of a unilateral ceasefire should have been met with the same honest goodwill. It would seem that you’re negotiating from a position of power, which obviously you’re not. Hoping still that something good is going to happen though!

A day later, Joma Sison and the CPP-NPA leadership made an about face and issued a statement, expressing their willingness to declare a ceasefire on August 20. But despite the announcement, netizens expresses their uneasiness on social media.

Philip Alva wrote:

Bakit August 20, ano yun may gusto muna silang patayin bago mag declare ng unilateral ceasefire? Hindi ba pwedeng ngayon na kung sincere talaga sila?

Netizen Entot AR wrote:

So talagang government pa magaadjust? Why do we need to wait for august 20 if you really mean peace? Parang sampal nmn s gobyerno na hindi nio na honor yung ceasefire n inanunsyo ng presidente mismo noong SONA tapos kylngan kayo ang hintayin. Wala nmn may gusto ng magulong bansa.

Marlo Baylon Paliza wrote:

wow ano gusto niyo? gobyerno pa ang magadjust sa date na ibibigay niyo? binigyan na kayo ng pagkakataon.. hindi luluhod ang bansa at ang presidente sa mga katulad niyo.. tama na.. may buhay nanaman nawala sa hindi niyo pagsunod.. tsk tsk.. pwede niyu naman paagahin e nagbigay na ng deadline..mabait n nga presidente hindi pa kayo nakikinig..ginagago niyo ba kaming matitinong tao?

Edison Reyes wrote:

Ano ito, LOKOHAN na lang? Bata pa ako, ganito na ang ginagawa ninyo sa gobyerno. Ngayong may TUNAY na presidenteng inaabot kayo, papaikutin ninyo pa rin? If I were the president, I will set the date and not theirs since they ignored the first unilateral ceasefire offered to them, instead they killed ours na nagmistulang paghamon sa kabuuan ng ating bansa. STOP this!

Junneth TheReader wrote:

ang kapal ng mukha nio! ano meron sa aug 20? may demand b kau na inaantay at d p naibi2gay? msyado kaung sigurista. to militar and police pulbusin nio n yan may 20 days kau pra bwasan sila. gud thing may 911 na sa monday!

Jhun C Arevalo wrote:

Kayabang naman mag salita ni Joma akala talaga nila cpp/npa kaya nilang makipag sabayan sa government troops malambot lang talaga ang puso ng mga nakaraang presidente cge nga makipag tigasan kayo kay Digong

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