Netizens erupt in laughter because VP aspirant Kiko Pangilinan vows to address hunger among Filipinos if he becomes Vice President

Vice Presidential aspirant and Senator Kiko Pangilinan’s vow to address hunger among Filipinos during the launch of his Vice Presidential campaign dubbed “Biyahe ni Kiko: Hello Pagkain, Goodbye Gutom,”  has been with jeers and laughter from netizens.

Yay! Social media influencer MJ Quiambao Reyes exclaimed in jubilant mood upon hearing it straight from the horses mouth that if he becomes the next Vice President, he will address hunger and food security.

Reyes shared a screenshot image of Pangilinan taken while he was in a ZOOM meeting or interview and wrote a caption welcoming Pangilinan’s vow, albeit in a sarcastic tone.

FINALLY, after 30+ years in the gov’t, Sen. Pangilinan, who was appointed Agriculture & Food Security Czar by Aquino 7-8 years ago, now vows to address hunger among Filipino. Yay!

As of this writing, 10,642 netizens reacted to Reyes’ FB post, 10,000 of which hit the laugh emoji, 1,200 commented and 807 netizens shared the post on FB.

Here are some of the comments of netizens in reaction to Pangilinan’s vow.

Shame on you Kiko Pangilinan… you’re a useless public servant/politician in the eyes of the majority voters. So, ZERO vote for you. NEVER again to trust you for wasting the taxpayers money for your salary for doing nothing for the Filipino people and for the country. 🤨🤨🤨

Why didn’t he do that when he was agriculture & food security czar?

Bakit nakatawa lahat ng reaction? Kasi naman ang tagal mo na sa gobyerno, nag antay ka pa maging VP bago mo pag tutuunan ng pansin ang problemang ito? Not even Elon Musks Trillions of dollars can resolve hunger. Why? Di kasi sapat na paka inin lang ang mga nagugutom, we also need a programme on how they become fishermen themselves.

He was tested before and he’s a big FAILURE to address the hunger of Filipinos. He’s NOT THE MAN to solve that issue.🧐

Yeah right! Secretary of Agriculture of PNoy. That is cute! 😂

Pakapalan lang talaga ng mukha,yong ikaw ang agriculture secretary at food security czar 30 years ago,tapos ngayon mo lang narealize after 30 years na marami palang nagugutom.

It took 30 years to formulate a plan and 7-8 years to finalize! That is the ideal time needed to address hunger! Wow Kiko ,thanks much for taking your time! 🤣🤣

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Source: MJ Quiambao Reyes

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