Netizen’s explanation why Trillanes cannot use SALN card to pin down Duterte is simply brilliant!

Are you a SALN illiterate like me and the majority of the public? A brilliant Duterte supporter will give us a short lecture on the subject matter.

Netizens brilliant explanation on Duterte's SALN

Credits to Regal Oliva for the photo

In a Facebook post shared more than 5,000 times and growing as of Sunday afternoon, a brilliant netizen named Regal Olivia will walk us through the confusing and mysterious thingy called “SALN” in response to the mayhem brought about the expose made by Senator Trillanes against Duterte.

It can be recalled that Senator Trillanes accused the survey frontrunner of dishonesty for not declaring a bank account in BPI containing 211 million pesos in 2014.

As per requirement, all government employees are required to declare their properties, net worth and even liabilities in SALN (Statement of Assets, Liabilities and Net worth) every December 31 of the preceding year.

But a netizen who is obviously knowledgeable about SALN’s can’t help but offer his expert opinion on the hot topic called SALN.

As a consequence, netizen Regal Oliva destroyed Senator Trillanes wild claim that Duterte is “dishonest and corrupt” just like VP Binay.

Please read the FULL TEXT of Regal Oliva’s viral post entitled “TIME PA!” to enlighten SALN-illiterate peps like me:

MalacaƱang wants Duterte to explain undeclared wealth. Who said there is UNDECLARED WEALTH?

Let me explain to you what the SALN is. It is the Statement of Assets and Liabilities and Net Worth (SALN) required from each public officer to be filed on or before April 30 of every year where one declares his/her assets and liabilities as of December 31 of the preceding year.

Again, DECEMBER 31 of the preceding year!!! I repeat, DECEMBER 31 of the preceeding year.

Foremost, what Trillanes exposed was cash in bank as of July 20, 2014.

When Mayor Duterte filed his SALN on April 30, 2015, he declared his assets as of December 31, 2014. Eh naubos na nga nya ang pera!!! Di na natin alam kung ano ang ginastos ni Duterte, EXPENSES are not included in the declaration of the SALN.

If your bank account has a meager balance on December 31, 2014, miski 100 billion pesos pa ang pumasok dyan during the calendar year, ngunit wala ka ng pera on December 31, you can only declare what is inside your bank on that particular date.

Second, the LP’s bark dog, Trillanes alleges that the properties of Duterte may reach 2 billion pesos, and that the good mayor only declared a meager value for the properties.

For the information of everyone, the value of the properties that is asked in the SALN is the ASSESSED VALUE by the Local Assessor and not the Market Value as purchased. And it is public knowledge that the assessed value is almost always ridiculously LOW.

Knowing that Duterte is inevitably winning, I cannot understand why this issue becomes the basis of Trillanes to file a possible impeachment complaint against the mayor.

SO WALANG UNDECLARED WEALTH. WALA!!! Meron lang nag bobo-bobohan at nag tanga-tangahan!

Duterte, as I see it did not violate any laws of undeclaration, misdeclaration or under-declaration in his SALN. This is purely election gimmickry by a soldier who betrayed the Armed Forces and caused the destruction of my favorite hotel in Makati!

Tumahimik ka na Trillanes ipapakain kita sa mga gutom kong barkadang bakla!

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