Netizens find GMA News statement of apology unacceptable: “Lame excuse! Hoy GMA wag nyo kami kinukupal”

After netizens angrily called out GMA News on Twitter and Facebook for posting a photo of what the OP called Chinese ship dumping shit in South China Sea which netizens said is fake, GMA News deleted the controversial photo and called the mistake an OVERSIGHT.


According to Merriam-Webster, OVERSIGHT is defined as an inadvertent omission or error.

Netizen named Odette Javier, one of the firsts to call out GMA News on Facebook, found the statement of GMA News “unacceptable” and a lame excuse.

“Oversight????? Lame excuse! Hoy GMA wag nyo kami kinukupal. Oversight means….eh kung makakalusot lang naman.”

Netizens minces no words in expressing their anger at GMA News for calling their fake photo a mere OVERSIGHT as shown in the comments below.

This netizen is not buying the oversight excuse. Said employs proof-readers to prevent such mistakes from happening.

“Duh, kaya nga may proof-readers to prevent tatanga- tanga before posting di ba? Or naisama na ba sa cost- cutting tong posisyon na to? Oversight, my toot….”

“That was a deliberate fake news presentation #GMANews mga leche kayo. It could cause war!” commented a netizen.

This netizen is not convinced that GMA News act was a mere oversight but deliberate knowing that they have someone in charged who decides which article is a go or not.

“Wag kami! Sinadya niyo yun! Diba merong approving officer bago maglabas ng information? Bakit pinayagan? The photo was obviously Googled! Tanggalin Kung sino man yun. That person should be held responsible. They are trying to dismiss the issue, kunyari thank you. Ulol. Wag kami. Fake news Plagiarism Copyright infringement. Duh

This netizen wants GMA News penalized for spreading false information, deliberate or not. “Damage have been done..they should be penalized for spreading fake news.”

“That is NOT an oversight. That is STUPIDITY in all angles of journalism,” said an unforgiving netizen.

“Boycott gma news, dzbb…” cried out netizen.

One netizen reckoned that if social media was not invented, mainstream media would be taking us for fools all of our lives. “Kung walang Social Media habang buhay tayong lolokohin ng Mainstream Media na mga BIAS at BAYARAN”

“Need to change your spectacles or tactics…” advised one netizen to GMA News.


Source: Odette Javier

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