Netizens in uproar after Senator Pacquiao did not show military courtesy & respect to Gen. Parlade

After alienating the solid Duterte supporters, Senator Manny Pacquiao appears to have earned the ire and perhaps lost the votes of the entire AFP organization and families for disrespecting a bemedaled General like Lt. Gen. Antonio Parlade Jr.

In a Facebook post with the the title “PRIDE AND PREJUDICE”, Davaoeno and a staunch supporter of President Duterte and lately of Gen. Parlade, Monching Satnamul aka Monching Lumantas alerted netizens of Pacquiao’s gravest sin to date, that is disrespecting a 3-star General in public.

On Facebook, Monching Satnamul lamented:

“Una, ang Pangulong Duterte ang pinagdiskitahan… Ngayon si General Antonio Parlade naman!”

“I have only one advice for you Bai Manny, dili na nako Binisay-on para makasabot ang tanan…” Monching Satnamul wrote.

Without further adieu, Monching Satnamul wasted no seconds in putting Senator Pacquiao in his proper place.

“You might be holding the rank of a full-pledged Colonel in the Army Reserve Command, but when you talk about a three-star General of the Philippine Army, you always address him as ‘General Sir’.”

Monching Satnamul added that Pacquiao’s emblematic (symbolic) rank because of his exploits in the the ring pales in comparison to the exploits of the General he just disrespected in the actual combat for more than half his life. Ouch!

“You might have fought ‘wars’ inside the boxing ring which earned you that emblematic rank, but this man you are talking about shed ‘blood, sweat and tears’ in actual combat for 36 years.”

Monching Satnamul ended the brief sermon by leaving Senator Pacquiao something to think about.

“So, please show some God-damn military courtesy and respect! 😠


You may check the graphic below to understand to beef of Monching Satnamul’s and the netizens with the boxer turned senator.

Commenting on the thread, one netizen wrote that the takeaway here is education:

Bottom line is EDUCATION!!! 😖He might have all the luxuries in the world but RESPECT CANNOT BE BOUGHT. 😖😖😖

“Haven’t you notice recently? The nations making fun of your recent remarks. The people lost their respect for you. Atleast show respect to your self kung meron pang natitira kahit konti. Sinayang mo lang ang lahat ng pinagsikapan at pinagpaguran mo sa WALANG KWENTANG AMBISYON MO 👊🇵🇭 asked another netizen.

“Know ur limit Idol Pacquiao di ka nmn c Pres.Duterte na nkaugalian ng banggain ang mga sino sinong Polpolitico at business tycoon and he has d guts to prove to every1 his ryt… Not you. Huwag masyadong mamulitika” advised another.



PRIDE AND PREJUDICE Una, ang Pangulong Duterte ang pinagdiskitahan… Ngayon si General Antonio Parlade naman! 😏 I…

Posted by Raymond Satnamul on Wednesday, May 5, 2021

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