Netizens jeer at yet another Leni Robredo gaffe as per Inquirer FB post on October 15, 2021 re alma mater going pink

US-based Pinoy accountant and blogger Edwin Jamora can’t help but laugh at the Inquirer FB post talking about Leni Robredo’s alma mater going pink as a gesture of support for their esteemed alumna.

On Facebook, Jamora wrote:

We all missed it mga friends! Si Madumb pala ang original na K-12!!! 12 years of Grade and High School!!!


Please check the screenshot shot image of the Inquirer’s social media post dated October 15, 2021 for context. Pay a closer attention to the second line of the 3rd paragraph.

I visited VP Leni Robredo’s page and I can’t seem to find the particular FB post of the vice president which was quoted by the Inquirer.

For now, let us give Robredo the benefit of the doubt until Inquirer showed the link of Leni Robredo’s FB post as proof that indeed the statement came from Robredo.

Netizens have a field day making fun at Robredo’s alleged blooper as shown in the comments below.

Wtf? 6 na elem plus 4 na high school…. And another 2 years? Ano Yun may bagsak ka?

Napabilang tuloy ako 🙁 6+4=10 lang naman saken. Kulang ata ang basic ed ko kaya ganito lang ako 🙁

Mas matanda sya sa akin pero kung time ko, wala akong naaalalang prep school requirement. So bale 10 years lang from grade school to high school! Aba, sya yata Ang first graduate ng k to 12!

Baka naman kasi: back in the day it was.. kinder, prep (pre school), grade 1-6 (some schools have 7th grade) then HS 1-4 = 12/13Hindi lang niya minention ang pre school.

Hindi pa naman uso ang nursery, prep at kinder nung kabataan nya. Luh.

Ang Kinder 1 and 2 required na noong panahon nya sa school na un? Kase ako direchong grade 1 na noong 1986 sa Taguig. Hamak na mas bata ako sa kanya.Saka counted ba sa bilang ng elementay ang Kinder?

Galing ni madumb, nag nursery at kinder pla cya nung kapanahunan niya smntalang kmi Diretso grade one, kya pla my superior IQ, na over study cya 😊

Interesting. I assume she had 2 years of pre-school before Grade 1, or one pre-school year and a 7th Grade in elementary school. I’m just 2 years younger than her and back then, high school was only 4 years, and there were hardly pre-school classes like we have now, so basic education took only 10 years (I even did it in 9).The only other explanation is she repeated 2 grade levels. 😁


Source: Edwin Jamora

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