Netizens jeer PDI for another headline blunder about President Duterte, their favorite whipping boy

The PDI is highly critical of Duterte. When Duterte makes a mistake, expect it to hit in the newsstand asap. But this time PDI gets a dose of its own medicine.

President Duterte was supposed to meet the Japanese emperor during his quick visit to Japan, but it was cancelled at the last minute.

The Philippine Daily Inquirer, a rabid anti-Duterte newspaper, wasted no time and published an article announcing cancellation to the general public in haste.

But in haste, the news desk editor of the Philippine Daily Inquirer made a terrible mistake which did not escape the critical eyes of the Duterte supporters who have no love lost for the PDI.

Check out the post of Charles Englund, a blogger, who noticed the PDI blunder.

Ah So Desu Ka?
Ay Sus Dios Ko

Dear Inquirer,
The current Emperor of Japan is Akihito, not Hirohito. Hirohito died in 1989 pa po.

That would have been one difficult meeting to keep indeed.

The blunder spawned comments from netizens mocking the Philippine Dily Inquirer. Check the coments below.

Rocky Gonzales says:

Maybe they should try rescheduling it sometime from Oct 31 – Nov 2 or maybe use a medium…

Maricar Sanchez Sanchez says:

Correct. Use a medium. It is the right time. Halloween is coming up.

Robbie Dinglasan says:

Inquirer just dropped the H-Bomb on themselves.

Leo D. Venezuela says:

It’s very difficult for Hirohito to Showa-p for the meeting. 😜😜

Rod Beltran says:

Another glaring proof of the ignorance of many inutiles pretending to be journalists.

Elgin Castillo Lazaro III says:

Pakisampal ang news desk editor ng inquirer.

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