Netizens make a mockery of Senators Aquino-de Lima’s appeal to DepEd to join fight against internet trolls

In a Manila Times report on October 31, 2016, Senators Aquino & de Lima have called on the DepEd and stakeholders to join hands in stopping internet trolls.

According to the Manila Times, Aquino and de Lima believe that concrete action is needed to put a stop to these online troublemakers who spread malicious information in social media.

Senator de Lima said that she has been subjected to such abuse lately and cited the fake “news” about her buying a $6-million (P288 million) mansion in New York.

The news about her buying a $6-million mansion turned out to be a hoax.

Senator Bam Aquino, chairman of the Senate committee on education, arts and culture told the Manila Times that “the best way to prevent Internet users, particularly students, from falling victim to trolls and misinformation is to arm them with knowledge and make them responsible ‘netizens’.”

However, Senators Aquino and de Lima’s declaration of war on internet trolls have been met with ridicule and insults from netizens who agree that such exercise is a waste of tax money.

Let us read a sampling of the comments of netizens around Facebook below.

Netizen Mary Ann Suyom Alvarez says: they are waging war against themselves..idiots!!
Theres alot of worthwhile things to do..than this crap. Trolls are yellow bayarans!! We Duterte warriors show ourselves ano? Unlike your trolls and BOts….hiding!!

Kristian Mametis says: So kapag nde pala kmi nag ingay or troll eh ok lng s knila at ung klase ng democracy ang gusto ni bam at delima. Ngaung nririnig na nila ang boses nmin at hinaing nmin,ngaun eh mamarkahan kmaing trolls? Aba nsaan si justice ng kailangn nmin siya? Nwwl ata

Bong Paz says: Are these senators talking about Rappler, Inquirer, ABiaS-CBN and other mainstream media and yellow fanatics? We support you!👊😎

Lessur Nat says: Mas importante sa kanila ang pagsugpo ng trolls kaysa tumulong sa pagsugpo ng drug addiction at kagutuman?….shabu pa more…. dati tinawag tayong bot….noong na realized nila na meron tayong individual conciousnes…troll naman?….lol…so sino ang bully ngayon?….

Kristine Balanon says: This is such a petty issue. They tag those who oppose their views as ‘trolls’ kahit legit naman sila (e.g mocha uson, thinking pinoy, sass sasot etc). They wanted to shut their accounts pa. Gusto kasi nila they are the source of truth, but we know that they are biased and they twist the truth according to what is favorable to them. Gosh. Mas madami pa ho ang problema ng bansa. Our president is overworked and underpaid and yet he produces real results. Fruitless lang ang investigation na yan. Instead, they must encourage the public to do their research well before they share a certain news. And more importantly dapat maging credible din ang news sources nila. Make it more objective and less biased. Matalino na ang mga Pilipino ngayon. They can tell bullshit news.

Ricardo Rodrigo Isidro Basa says: Wow! Maybe they should remember that they started it all by foisting the Yellow Troll Army on us all in 2011. Naturally, the online troll wars just grew over the years. And then they lost. Is but natural that pro-Duterte trolls would be in strength. It wouldn’t be surprising that the pro-Aquino trolls now work for the Duterte camp.

Allan Paul says: Because they cant control the outrage of the more than 16m and growing duterte supporters? Bam Aquino and Leila Dilemma is 101% insane. Akala ko ba si digong ang magaalis ng free speech ng filipino sa social media? Ano na mga anti duterte, sagot!

Do you agree with Senators Aquino and de Lima’s plan against internet trolls? Please share your thoughts by commenting below.


Source: Manila Times



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