Netizens mock Cynthia Patag despite writing letter of apology to Nicole Asensio. Find out why!

“This apology letter should go straight to the Guinness Book of World Records for having: most number of insults in one apology letter,” writes a netizen.

After feeling the heat from Duterte suporters for claiming a friend was a casualty of Duterte’s war on drugs, actress Cynthia Patag was forced to issue a letter of apology addressed to the grieving family for what she termed “mistakenly re-posting Noli Asencio’s death” on social media.

Instead of showing remorse for the malicious post, Cynthia Patag lashed at Nicole Asencio who accused the actress of using her deceased dad for her vile political agenda.

The actress vented her frustration on Nicole Asencio after Duterte supporters feasted on her like “salivating hyenas”.

Krizette Laureta Chu, a popular blogger on Facebook derided the actress on her post that reads:

Cynthia Patag, bottom of the barrel scum, is representative of the Yellow fever and the anti reformists of this country who will never rest until they put their choice of President back in power. Fuck no. Never gonna happen, bitches.

You can call the ICC, the UN, the Power Rangers, Godfuckingzilla, Joeneellll… it won’t work. Your destabilization efforts are not only losing steam and losing ground, they’re also becoming increasingly ridiculous (like you) and even more obviously selfish (like you.)

Just like this pathetic non-apology from Cynthia Patag to Nicole Asensio.

This apology letter should go straight to the Guinness Book of World Records for having: Most number of insults in one apology letter.

Negastars dont know how to properly apologize (not like Duterte, no?) as revealed in their pathetic skirting around of this government’s achievements so they dont lose face. Ano, walang achievement ang administrasyong ito? LOL SO HARD)

Rabble rousers to the left.

Journalist Ira Panganiban, a popular reporter from ABS-CBN scolded the actress in a Facebook post that reads:

Cynthia Patag Sweetie!!!

If this is the way you apologize, by insulting Iwi and Nicole in the process, then maybe you should just keep quiet darling!!!

After all, your faux paz cost the family such terrible heartache, dearie!!!
A simple “sorry Iwi and Nicole” would have sufficed palangga!!!
At talagang kasalanan pala ni Lydia Paredes ang lahat, honey!!!

Check out Cynthia Patag’s unusual letter of apology below that Krizette Laureta Chu mocked as one for the Guinness Book Of World Records.

To Iwi Laurel and Nicole Laurel Asencio:

Please accept my deepest apology for mistakenly reposting about Noli Asencio’s demise.
You see, people constantly send me material to post on my Facebook wall for a wider reach. I received the PM from, Lydia M. Paredes; it was a simple case of “wrong send.” Normally, I wouldn’t have posted it since I didn’t know the Titas, Titos, cousins, anybody in your family. But I thought Lydia wanted it posted, and I think highly of her, so I posted it.

It was only when I returned Jim Paredes’ angry call that I learned about your family’s rage against me for reposting THE POST. I deleted it immediately.

Susme! Nicole accused me of using her deceased dad for my own vile political agenda. “You should be ashamed of yourself! Have some respect for yourself first!” You, too, Iwi, posted the same, but awa ng Dios, yours was more subdued: “Who appointed you as spokesperson for our family?” HA?😳 Ay, Laurel-Asencio – mga Pinoy elite pala sila.😊
Salivating DU30 hyenas are gleefully feasting on me on your walls and theirs, heard THE POST made it to the Rappler, viciously maligning me.

I am sorry for the cataclysm I unwittingly caused, Lydia and Jim. You both know I have no malice in me.

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Source: Cynthia Patag


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