Netizens question P52-million “Museo ni Jesse Robredo” in Naga City paid for by the NHCP?

Like a thief in the night, the Museo ni Jesse Robredo was inaugurated in Naga City on August 18, 2017 by no less than VP Leni Robredo.

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In an ABS-CBN News article published on its website, dated Auguest 18, 2017, National Historical Commission of the Philippines (NHCP) Chairperson Rene Escalante described the museum as a “governance and teaching museum” as it showcases the kind of governance Jesse displayed as a local chief executive of Naga for two decades. [Link here]

Escalante added that the Museo ni Jesse Ropbredon pays tribute to the exemplary life and legacy of good governance of the long-time local executive.

Huh? Exemplary life and legacy of good governance? Paging “We Are Collective”, what say you on this?

The satirical Facebook page, “Leni Robredo Fashion Diary” speaks strongly against the Museo ni Jesse Robredo via a status post and read:

Yung 2 years lang nagsilbi sa national government, nagkaroon na ng P52 million Museum built in partnership with the National Historical Commission of the Philippines. National budget pa din ba ang gamit to maintain that structure? Aba, ano yan, hero? 2 years lang as DILG, hero? Illustrious?

According to the ABS-CBN News article, the NHCP will shoulder the operational expenses of the Museo ni Jesse Robredo.

Here’s how the netizens react on social media.

Drew Mandapat remarked: “tlaga lang ha. ito mga dilawan ndi niyo aangalan, Tax ng Bayan ginamit dto. Hindi ksma ngaun c Bolet, bka batukan sya ni Jesse.”

Soriano Lance Albert, apparently a Marcos supporter said: “Smntala si marcos ayaw nila maging hero😂. Smntla un ang mas mraming nagwa. Ang kakapal dn tlga ng mga mukha ng mga e2. Anu yan bayad ng aquino kc sila mismo nagppatay pra di matuklasan mga kahayopan nila. Konte lng po natutuwa sa inyo.”

Grace Condino Esmeria cursed: “Wtf mas mahaluseo nya kesa s Mga bahay ng Yolanda vixtim kulang na lang gawing tig 1k budget nawat isang bahay satap magmura hayop.”

Jessie Pernes wrote: “Ganitong ganito yung galawan nila after ninoy’s death.”

The P52-million question that begs the public’s answer can be gleaned by looking at FUNCTIONS of the NHCP [Link here]:


Maintenance and administration of national shrines and landmarks, including relics and memorabilia of national heroes and other illustrious Filipinos, and objects of historical value in order to perpetuate the memory and emulate the patriotic deeds of our heroes;

Commemoration of birth and death anniversaries of national heroes and illustrious Filipinos and significant historical events at various shrines and landmarks, to inculcate the positive values that the Filipino people, most especially the youth, can emulate;

Commemoration of milestone historical events with national significance and encouragement of public awareness on the importance of these events;

Management of shrines and landmarks as resource centers and conduits between national government agencies and local government units, non-government agencies, civic organizations and stakeholders;

Conduct of historical educational activities such as lectures, seminars, exhibits, workshops, patriotic tours, video showing, historico-cultural contests,,,,, and learning sessions, whether formal, non-formal or informal, in accordance with the Philippine Cultural Education Plan;

Establishment of an index of knowledge on history and culture at the various NHCP-managed shrines and landmarks for information dissemination to the public sector;

and Preparation of historical educational materials such as press releases, feature articles and short essays on activities at NHCP shrines and landmarks, historical events, sites and eminent personages to help popularize Philippine history in the mass media and other venues and through information.

Organize and strengthen various historical committees and associations (i.e. provincial, city, municipal, institutional, etc.), private or public, as active partners in the dissemination of significant historical events and personalities at the grass roots level.

What is your take on the issue?


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