Netizens react to Bishop Soc Villegas’ “Nagmukhang talo si Jesus nang ipako sya sa krus…parang tayo di ba?” post-election message to Kakampinks

As the supporters of Leni Robredo grieve after suffering a crushing defeat in the hands of Bongbong Marcos for the battle who will succeed President Duterte, Lingayen-Dagupan Archbishop Socrates Villegas issued what he called divine message to Kakampinks:

“Nagmukhang talo si Jesus nang ipako sya sa krus…parang tayo di ba?”

In that regard, blogger Carlo De Leon replied to Archbishop Soc Villegas on Facebook and that is, Jesus never lost because he always emerges victorious. He told Bishop Soc to refrain from mixing church doctrine with politics. It confuses the faithful.

Never po natalo si Jesus, laging pong panalo ang Diyos.
Bishop Soc, with all due respect, please don’t mix doctrine with politics. It confuses the faithful.

Here are some of the reactions from netizens, mostly addressed to Bishop Soc.

One netizen wrote that Bishop Soc needs to reflect more.

This guy….he needs to reflect more…and talk to God, and not talk to himself….

A second commented that Bishop Soc’s God is different. God to them is the winner because the voice of the majority is the voice of God.

Iba talaga ang Diyos nyo. Panalo po sa amin ang Diyos sapagkat ang boses ng nakararami ay ang boses ng Diyos.❤️💚

A third netizen disagreed with Bishop Soc’s assertion because as far as he could recall, Jesus was not vanquished when he was crucified on the Cross but our greatest victory.

As far as I could remember, in the teaching of our Catholic Faith, it was NOT “Talo” when Jesus was crucified on the Cross, that was our greatest win, for we were saved then.

A fourth netizen doubted Bishop Soc really understands his bible.

I dont think this old man really understand what’s written in the bible. 🤦

A fifth said that no wonder many Catholics have lost respect of some of the priests.

Nawala talaga respeto sa mga karamihan sa alagad ng Dios daw!


Source: Carlo de Leon

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