Netizens react to Manny Pacquiao’s controversial P3.5B Sarangani Sports Center, questions Pacquiao’s credibility, ability to become President

Senator Manny Pacquiao’s credibility, if there is little left, after he was caught saying one thing and doing the other thing, has just been obliterated completely after a netizen made public the highly questionable Sarangani Sports Center project of the boxer turned politician.

In case you missed it, a certain Butch Baliao put Manny Pacquiao anew in the glaring spotlight for closer scrutiny in public eyes via his exposé on the sc@ndalous Sarangani Sports Center with a whopping budget of P3.5B.

Baliao complained the that funds to build such project whose only purpose he said was mainly to “uplift the egos of those who rule and enrich favored contractors” and could have been put to better use to uplift the lives of the people Sarangani like development projects to improve agriculture in the province. Fast forward to 2021 from 2018 when the project was started, Baliao said the project is unfinished and perhaps abandoned are now almost overrun by tall cogon grasses.

Netizens who read Baliao’s post are just appalled as Baliao and minces no words in expressing their thoughts on Pacquiao’s abandoned Sports Center project in Sarangani province.

Here are some of the comments of netizens expressing their sentiment on the issue.

“Nasaan na un pangako na htech na hospital un bago palang nagcongressman c pakyaw cno ang maglaro jan” one netizen commented to remind Pacquiao regarding an election promise when he ran for Congress.

“Ayan naglabasan na mga baho na tinago dahil sa sobrang ambisyon sunod personal na ang maglabasan ang gulo,” remarked another netizen.

Borrowing Pacquiao’s line, this netizen joked that PRRD will really feel dizzy upon getting the whiff of this questionable project: “Mahehelo talaga si PRRD sa galit kapag nalaman nya yng kurapsyon n yn sa Sarangani. MaHEHELO talaga, Grabi”

One netizen commented that the funds to build Pacquiao’s Sport Center could have been to better use like irrigation project to benefit the farmers: “Kung ung 3.5Billion pesos ginamit sa Irrigation project edi napakinabangan ng mga magsasaka natin. Kung ang 3.5Billion pesos ginamit sa pagbili ng mga machinery para sa agrikultura at Trainings sa mga magsasaka natin edi dagdag output sana sa agri sector. 3.5billion pesos ang nasayang na di napakinabangan ng constituents niya.

“Sabi mo senator pacQ hindi ka mgnanakaw ipaliwanag mo nga to 3.5 billion na sport center sa saranggani hindi tapos ang tanong nasaan na ang pera bat hanggang ngayon hindi pa tapos kasi ang kapwa mgnanakaw galit sa mga magnanakaw tapos hindi ka pa ngbayad ng tax sa government,” said one netizen demanding an explanation from Pacquiao.

“Naging sports center ng mga maya at korokoko 😂 joked another netizen.

One netizen slammed Pacquiao for his audacity to boast about providing houses for every squatter Filipino family and yet he cannot even finish one project.

“Tapos nagyayabang syang papatirahin lahat ng mahihirap sa matitinong Bahay??? Ehh Yan lang na project di nga niya matapos tapos… 🥴🥴🥴🤧🤧🤧


Source: Butch Baliao

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