Netizens react to Manny Pacquiao’s “if all Filipinos were like Leni, he would not be running for President” statement

Same feathers IQ together 🙏

This is the brief commentary of Manila Bulletin writer Krizette Chu to Manny Pacquiao’s remark that if all Filipinos were like Vice President Leni Robredo, he would not be running for president, eliciting laughter among her FB followers.

In fact, out of the 3,500 reactions, 3,400 netizens hit the laugh emoji, signifying netizens were amused at Chu’s caption.

Here are some of the comments from netizens below.

Netizen #1 can’t help but wonder why Pacquiao is running when he could have just support Leni?

Bakit ka pa tumakbo di sinuportahan mo na lang sana siya. Magsama pa kayong dalawa pero ilalampaso kayo ni BBM 😆👊

To which netizen #2 replied:

why don’t you join forces with the pink…lets see what happen..😂

Netizen #3 wants Manny and Leni to join forces and see if people still believe them.

Ayaw pa kasing mag sanib pwersa eh para magkaalaman na. Dami kuda ni Pacman, isa sa inyo Ang umatras para suportahan Ang isa para malamang natin kung may naniniwala pa sa inyo. Dami nyo pautot eh. Di nyo kasi matanggap na pagsamasahin man mga boto nyo talo pa din kayo.

Meanwhile, one netizen advised fellow BBM-Sara supporters to ignore Manny because he is just another attention-seeker.

HUWAG NA PANSININ ANG MGA KSP NA YAN!!!Nagpapapansin lang yan by saying outrageous things and doing DESPERATE ACTS. Now, that they are beginning to smell the STINK OF DEFEAT IN MAY 2022.Hindi naman na din sila mananalo kahit ano pa ang gawin at sabihin nila at this point. At alam natin yun. Mga nang iinis na lang ang mga yan. So, LET US DENY THEM what they are craving for – attention.Let them say all they want until they turn blue and fade out on the floor. ❤💚

This netizen gave us the answer why Pacquiao is running if he and Leni shares the same aspiration for the country.

Both of them compliment each other but neither would give up their ambition to support the other 🤣


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