Netizens react to viral photo of Daniel Padilla taken inside the polling precinct

The photo of a young male celebrity taken inside the polling precincts has been the subject of online bashing after the pic made their way online.

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In a Facebook post shared more than 11,000 thousand times as of Monday morning, ABS-CBN published the photo of the young actor on their official Facebook page.

The photo was accompanied by a caption that says: “Teen King” Daniel Padilla is casting his vote for the first time. The photo was taken by Gretchen Fullido of ABS-CBN News.

The photo has generated mixed reactions from netizens. Some expressed anger towards the young actor for what they perceived as a violation of the election law while some defended the young actor and dismissed the accusation of the critics pure ignorance of the election law.

Grab some popcorn and we’ll start reading netizen’s comments.

Anna Kamille Paula Blanco wrote:

Correct me if I’m wrong pero, Bawal to diba?? Selfie/ photo with the ballot? (Correct me if I am wrong but this is not allowed, right? Selfie/ photo with the ballot?

Japs Torres Donato agreed and wrote:

Diba bawal mag selfie/photo sa loob? Ano to COMELEC? Dahil ba artista o dahil kay roxas siya ? Kaya allowed tong si daniel padilla ? COMELEC must do something with it. (Taking a selfie/photo inside (polling precinct) is illegal? What is this COMELEC? Is it because he is a celebrity? Is it because he is pro-Roxas? Or is it because he is Daniel Padilla?

James Michael D. Pascua wrote:

Taking of picture with ballot and receipt is prohibited by law. Media, please trash this. This guy is not above the law. He is the same as all of us.

Mitch Villanueva wrote:

I THOUGHT BAWAL MAGPICTURE SA LOOB NG POLLING PRECINT?!? What is this?!? Simulan ang pagbabago sa sariling gawa, obey rules! I thought taking of selfie/photo inside the polling precinct is not allowed?!? What is this? Change should start from one’s action.; obey rules!

James Hernando wrote:

ABS, when will you stop calling your talents Daniel and Kathryn Teen King and Queen!? They’re like 21 and 20. That doesn’t make them teens!

Sheena Mariano Valiente took a dig at ABS-CBN:

ABS CBN in the service of AQUINO nationwad.. hahaha

Elizha Shim Zwaze Fermano wrote:

Yes you! Daniel you should know that it’s not allowed you should be a good example because many teens adore you so much!!!
I’m very disappointed on you!!! And also the media you guys should be in jail soon with him!!! Tssk!!

Diana Dolar-Delos Santos wrote:

Shut up ka n ngayon! Bawal mgpicture with the ballot! ( You shut up now! Taking of picture with your ballot is against the law!)

Jhe Olaño wrote:

The amount of bashing is too great haha, you deserve it ABS CBN for being untruthful and deceiving people.

Mitch Sotelo wrote:

Ah I see, if you are the teen king you are above the law??? Unbelievable, reason why I decided to boycott abs cbn.

Daniel Padilla’s and ABS-CBN’s sympathizers ran to their rescue though and defended them from bashers.

Carlos Kurt wrote:

ABS CBN is the one who take the photo. Daniel is just a model in this picture, don’t bash him. He didn’t said that “take a photo of me.”

Cj Jeggy Cuarte wrote:

Hindi naman sya Nag selfie ahh.Abs-Cbn po Nag capture for Reference. Galit na Galit kayo kay DJ ah.? just because of voting mar? hahaha Di ko kayo ma gets.. (Daniel Pdilla did not take the selfie/photo. ABS-CBN took the photo for reference. You are already angry at DJ huh.? Just because he is voting for Mar? Hahaha. I don’t get you…

Lovely Charmaine Reyes Miranda wrote:

Bawal talaga. Pero “MEDIA” ung kumuha ng pic. ABS CBN to be exact. SO SHUT UP NA LANG KAYO. hahahaha

Well, seriously, even other news media do this. so to be fair, I guess COMELEC allows this. Mga presidential candidates nga, vinivideohan pa habang bumoboto e. (This is indeed illegal. But the “MEDIA” took the photo. ABS-CBN to be exact. So all of you, shout up! Hahaha

Well, seriously, even other news media do this. So to be fair, I guess COMELEC allows this. Even presidential candidates are videod while casting their votes.

Norjannah Tanoga wrote:

It’s not that I am defending DJ here, I’m a Jadine fan FYI, but it is clearly stated naman sa caption nila na the photo was taken by Gretchen and not Daniel so baka pwede rin yun. I guess may permission naman sila from Comelec because of course they’re part of the media, they need photos for evidences. (It’s not that I am defending DJ here, I’m a Jadine fan FYI, but it is clearly stated in the caption that the photo was taken by Gretchen and not Daniel so it is possible that it is allowed. I guess, they have the permission from COMELEC because of course they’re part of the media, they need photos for evidences/reference.

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