Brave netizen rebukes Senator Grace Poe for her “bagito” remark versus neophyte senators who showed interest to Public Service Committee

A brave netizen rebuked Senator Grace Poe on Facebook after the senator was quoted by Abante Tonite that a “bagito” senator is showing interest to the Public Services Committee.

Netizen Tessa Roines, obviously not a big fan of the adopted daughter of FPJ, lodged her beef versus the senator on Facebook, apparently to find out how Facebook netizens react to Grace Poe’s condescending attitude towards the neophyte senators she called “bagito”.

Roines used the word ‘snobbish’ to describe the senator’s attitude towards the four neophyte senators.

Roines remarked that the “bagito” Poe was referring to weren’t new in public service. Yes, they are new to their position, in title or in politics but not in public service.

Roines asked who was this “bagito” Poe alluded to?

Roines continued if she was not mistaken, Senators Bato, Go, Marcos and Tolentino, there are only four neophytes among the incoming senators.

Roines ended the short FB post with a question to Senator Poe if what was her track record in public service?

Read Tessa Roines short FB post below.

Grace Poe: “May isang bagitong senador gusto kunin sa akin ang Public Services committee”

How snobbish noh?
That bagito is not new in Public Service, Ms Poe.. bagito lang yan sa position, sa title, sa politics BUT NOT in public service whoever you are talking about..Sino ba ang bagitong yan? As far as we know, apat lang silang baguhan dyan (if Im not mistaken)

Sen Bato
Sen Go
Sen Imee
Sen Francis

Ikaw? What’s your track record in Public Service?

So how did netizens react to Tessa Roines rebuking Grace Poe on Facebook?

Let’s check the netizens’ comments below.

Maler Joy si POE ang Foe ng bayan —harap harapan gustong kunin ang blue ribbon committee kay Sen Gordon

Jimmy Perez Kung magsalita itong natural-born Filipino by statistical probability ay parang sya ay paragon of superior work ethics as a senator. Wala ka ngang natapos na investigation

Heart Sanmiguel Nakakaloka yan si poe. Feeling entitled sa pagkasenador. Nandaya lang naman yan kaya naging number 2 spot. NagMTRCB lang yan pero wala naman napatunayan at walang napatunayan sa senado. Bias na trapoe sa senado.

Your reaction to this?

Source: Tessa Roines

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