Netizen’s reaction to Leni Robredo’s drop in approval ratings: This is a lie from the devil

While many Duterte supporters rejoiced upon hearing the double digit drop of Leni Robredo’s approval ratings, one Duterte supporter is not happy at all.

Krizette Laureta Chu, one of Duterte’s fiercest defender on social media took to Facebook expressing her take of the SWS survey result, describing the eleven-point slide as a “lie from the devil”.

To understand Ms. Chu’s dissatisfaction with Leni Robredo’s double digit approval rating slide, please read the full text of the post below.


This is a lie from the devil.

11 points lang ang slide sa approval rating ni Robredo, according to the SWS SURVEY? 26 percent pa yung approval rating niya? Ang laki naman.

Di kaya 6 percent na lang (if she’s lucky)?

COME ON. You skipped the survey after Typhoon Nina. You knew sobrang negative na ng perception. YOU DELAYED THE PUBLISHING OF THE SURVEY RESULTS UNTIL SUCH A TIME WHEN YOU THINK MAKAKABAWI SYA.

But, no, Leni fucked up one after the other: UN video, claiming the Coke truck was hers (remember the Coke truck bearing water, na inangkin ng OVP), the trips to South Africa with people who are no longer relevant, the inflammatory statements, and even the WAC exposes and Leni Leaks

And now that they could no longer hold it off, they had to publish a safe and conservative estimate of a decrease of 11 points.

O ano pa man, even if the results aren’t real, medyo perspective lang ha:
Duterte has more than three times the approval rating of Leni Robredo, and yet you guys want him out and her in as President?

Mana kayo sa pagiging ambisyoso at ilusyonado.


As of this writing, the post has gathered 119 shares, 2006 reactions and 115 comments on Facebook.

Let us check how the social media reacts to Ms. Chu’s post by reading the comments below.

Ruben Valdez remarked: “I just don’t believe its down by just 11 points. Kalokohan. And pres Duterte’s rating went down by 7 points? Mas malaking kalokohan!”

Weng Cornel commented: “PDutz has 3x more approval than fvp and yet the goddamned tradmedia and yellowasses still try to push the bitch in spotlight. Nakakapweh.”

Christopher Jr Marquez said: “They will just of course take some from duterte and add it to leni’s approval rating.. just like during the election.”

Your thoughts please!

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