Netizens react after Jim Paredes compares self to Jesus attacking merchants in the temple

Wow! I am speechless.

After Jim Paredes get bashed on social media since his “Look at me” video has gone viral, the singer-songwriter is now comparing himself to Jesus.

On twitter, the singer-songwriter tried to justify his actions that earned him more haters than hit songs in his illustrious career with Apo Hing Society, Jim compared his actions to Jesus getting physical with merchants who disrespected the temples.

“Jesus went physical against merchants who disrespected temple. Was he wrong? ‘Bullying’ ba to go verbal on ppl who disrespect EDSA rally?”

The tweeps mock Jim Paredes for his silly comparison.

Some tweeps chides Jim for acting like they own EDSA.

Meanwhile, Jim Paredes has his own defenders too.

In Facebook, Jim Paredes got another round of tongue lashing from angry netizens.

Clyde Paloma Ricablanca wrote: “Pls dont compare yourself to Jesus. He was angry because the temple/house of God was tainted with merchants during those days. Jesus has all the right to be angry. You Jim on the other hand don’t own EDSA. That was verbal harassment.”

Juni Santos commented: “Jesus went physical and you went verbal, ok so medyo abusive pa ‘yung dating ni Jesus kumpara sa ‘yo. Let’s take your logic then..God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah, everyone including children (casualties of war against evil?). Compare that to the supposed EJK where only criminals are being killed (except for some casualties of war against drugs). Why are you so against EJK then? Selective reasoning lang din peg? Sabi nga ni For the Motherland – Sass Rogando Sasot Mahabaging ibong adarna!”

Luk Luk said: “Jesus had the authority to do that because he owns the church. On the other hand are you the owner of edsa to do those things to these guys?”

Brian Jay remarked: “THE MERCHANTS IN THE TEMPLE are lending money – committing an actual ‘sin’ – the Duterte Youth are just standing there! sabi nga ni Jim, mindless robots – e bakit pumatol ka pa? sino ang mas MINDLESS?”

Your thoughts please!

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