Netizen’s remark of GMA News reporter who broke the news about Trillanes’ Singapore visit: Parang kwentong kutsero lang!

GMA News reporter Kathrina Charmaine Alvarez has been drawing flak on social media after her news breaking report about Trillanes visit to a Singapore Bank stirred a huge controversy on social media.

Netizen Alexis Say, wrote an open letter admonishing the GMA reporter, comparing her article about the Trillanes trip to Singapore like a “kwentong kutsero”.

In the open letter, Alexis dissected and enumerated all the mistakes she could find in Katrina Charmaine Alvarezes article.

However, if there is any consolation to the embarrassing tongue-lashing, Alexis gave Katrina a refresher on news writing.

So without further adieu, you may read the post now.

Kathrina Charmaine Alvarez,

You quoted, unquoted the Teller and fed information you reported were provided by the Bank Manager.

1. Do you have the names of the Branch Manager and the Teller?
2. Have you interviewed the Bank Manager and the Teller?
3. Have you seen the documents presented by Trillanes?

If no, let me rehash only your summary lead because that alone gives us alreadythe assessment of a yellow (sensationalized) news while the headline is also misleading.

Based on your available information and source, this is how the lead should be written. I am not rehashing it according to the basic elements of news writing, but according to how you should have objectively, fairly and accurately reported the information. Note how the use of “According” gave a clear attribution to the lead.

Singapore – According to Philippine Senator Antonio Fuentes Trillanes IV, he was informed by the Manager of Development Bank of Singapore (DBS) Tuesday morning that he does not own any account with said bank contrary to the allegations of President Rodrigo Duterte.

The truth with this is that your only source with identity is Trillanes. He is feeding all the second hand information – quoting the Bank Manager and the Teller. This is self-serving for Trillanes and a favorable media coverage.

Truth is the holy grail of Journalism and on-the-record-attribution is more credible than any other form of attribution. A good rule of thumb is to attribute once every paragraph which you faltered to do because you have not provided the names of the Bank Manager and the Teller. You did not even attribute to Trillanes all the information from which you made a story in your article as if you have personally covered the entire conversation.

Parang kwentong kutsero lang.

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