Netizen’s response to Raissa Roble’s statement telling Duterte supporters to live with guilt in a bloody Duterte presidency

An open letter responding to a viral statement telling Duterte backers not to wash their hands in a bloody Duterte presidency is doing the rounds online.

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In a Facebook post shared more than 200 times as of Saturday evening, a netizen named Roy Rivera did the honor of responding to the viral statement of Raissa Robles by using the line of reasoning of the renowned journalist and blogger in crafting his rebuttal.

Mr. Rivera opened the post by expressing his strongest disapproval of the logic of Ms. Raissa Robles’ statement that the Duterte backers or supporters to live with guilt when the killing starts under a Duterte presidency.

But before we tackle the rebuttal of Mr. Rivera, please read first the controversial statement of Ms. Raissa Robles to give you an idea where the netizen is coming from.

To all those backing Duterte, just remember, when the killings start, you should be beside him. All the way. Even after the river of blood overflows. Stand by him and tell yourself, you helped the blood flow. You are very much a part of it. Don’t wash your hands off it. Be proud of what you’ve done.

The post of Ms. Raissa Robles has gone viral since it was posted 23 hours ago and has been shared 12,000 times on Facebook.

The reaction to the post has been a mixed of applause from the anti-Duterte, but mostly negative from the Duterte supporters.

Now, READ the reply of Mr. Rivera below:

I found this somewhere in my timeline. And it makes me sick. Sick because I remember I voted for PNOY in 2010.

By this logic, each and every Filipino should blame me for each and every death of the 44 SAF. For every time the MRT breaks down. For everytime the traffic was so bad that it took you 6hrs to get home. 6 damn hours you could have spent with your family. For every damn farmer that was jailed and shot because they rallied for food. For every hostage that was killed in Luneta. For every victim of the tanim bala and every year that NAIA was named the worst airport. For the Canadian that was beheaded by the Abu Sayyaf. For all those unaccounted for after Yolanda be it funds or deaths. By this logic, we should blame every Davaoeno because they voted Duterte to govern them for decades and look where they ended up.

By this logic, she is telling us, innocent blood is on our hands because we trusted PNOY to lead us. Those who voted for PNOY. Remember that. So for everyone of you who voted for PNOY in 2010, live with that.

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What can you say about Raissa Roble’s statement?


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