Netizen’s retort to Sen. Kiko Pangilinan’s “Filipinos deserve better leader to fix pandemic mess…”statement slays internet

When asked what kind of leader our country needs after President Duterte steps down, Senator Kiko Pangilinan response reads:

Filipinos “deserve better” and that the country’s future leaders must be capable of addressing the “mess” brought about by the pandemic such as economic recession and hunger, rather than “downplaying” them.

Pangilinan’s attempt to take a swipe at the Duterte administration did not make a staunch Duterte supporter, I bet you are very familiar with her if you are a Duterte supporter through and through, MJ Quiambao Reyes very, very happy.

In fact, Reyes wasted no time to get back at Pangilinan with a witty retort that slays the internet. On Facebook, Reyes wrote:

“Definitely NOT the same ‘leaders’ & political party who MISERABLY FAILED at Yolanda, Luneta, Mamasapano, Luisita, Dengvaxia, NAIA (Tanim-Bala), at iba pa. 🤨

Reyes retort to Pangilinan has amused her socmed followers, resulting in 2200 netizens hitting the laugh emoji out of the 3,700+ reactions it generates, 711 comments, mostly insults hurled at Pangilinan and 128 shares in just 2 hours and counting.

“”Pandemic Mess”. He’s such a joke considering we have been performing well according to WHO,” an apparently dismayed asked Pangilinan.

“Unfortunately, better leaders will never be you, Mr Kiko. Even this ‘mess’ you call during the PANDEMIC is, to borrow Mr Pacquiao phrase, “3x” BETTER than the actual mess you and your LP cohorts had made during Yolanda. In fact, 100x better with the magnitude of this pandemic. Ni katiting sa leadership ngayon ng admin, wala ang yellows sir. Sorry (not sorry) to say,” an emphatic netizen told Pangilinan that better leaders will never be him or from the ranks of the Yellows.

“You’re right, we deserve a better one. So how come you’re still in the Senate💪💪💪 talked back another netizen in agreement to Pangilinan’s statement in sarcastic tone.

This netizen held no punches and told Pangilinan he is one of the most inutile senators ever elected.

“Yes Filipinos deserve better leaders like President Duterte. You Kiks, is one of the worst leaders we have since you held public Office many many years ago. Ano accomplishment mo Kiks? Wala. Nada. Gawin at ma’s padamihin ang menor de edad na mga kawatan at kriminal at sandigan ito ng bulok na batas na gawa mo. Isa ka sa pinaka inutil na Senator ever elected.”

To end the post, let us leave Kiko Pangilinan the most straightforward reply from a netizen to his “Filipinos deserve a better leader” statement: “Don’t worry kiko. Mayor Sara Duterte is on her way na. And correction, there is no pandemic mess that happened during PRRD, the Philippines are way more better than the other countries in fighting againts covid. just so you know.”


Source: MJ Reyes

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