Netizen’s savage retort to Kakampinks who called VP Sara Duterte “cosplayer” for going tribal makes 20,000+ netizens laugh

Nung nagsabog ng katangahan sa mundo nakanganga tong mga Kakampink.

This was the savage reaction of staunch Duterte supporter and Manila Bulletin writer Krizette Laureta Chu to supporters of Leni Robredo who made remarks social media regarding VP Sara Duterte’s Manobo OTD on PBBM’s first State of the Nation Address.

Ms. Chu’s takedown of the supporters of the former Vice President has been a huge hit among netizens, generating 24,000+ reactions (20,000 of which are laugh emojis) 3,100+ comments and 1,700 shares in just 12 hours and counting.

Here are some of the noteworthy comments from netizens in reaction to the ignorant remarks from the Kakampinks.

One netizen commented that the comments from the Kakampinks are proof that indeed education crisis in the country is real.

I pity these brain-dead people who believe indigenous clothing is a cosplay. Indeed, there exists educational crisis in the country. My friends, see exhibit AAAA.

A second netizen expressed disbelief why some Pinoys are laughing at VP Sara showing love to our indigenous brethren’s culture.

I don’t see there’s something wrong that they should laugh at this. That is how our VP is loving our country & our culture & the Filipino people. This is a symbol of patriotism, loyalty & love for our indigenous brothers & sisters. Mabuhay ka Inday Sara!

A third remarked that the comments of some Pinoy netizens is the impetus to recalibrate our knowledge of Filipino arts and culture.

There must be a recalibration in our knowledge of Filipino arts and culture. Some can’t even distinguished which is just for entertainment and a tribal costume that must be respected.

Meanwhile, some netizens did not let the opportunity to pass without taking a swipe of their hypocrisy, like this commenter.

Pero nanay nila ginawang miss Universe during campaign period tuwang-tuwa sila

Let me end the post by sharing a very informative comment from a netizen regarding VP Sara Duterte’s attire during PBBM’s first SONA.

That attire ensemble could well be a Pusaka, an heirloom embedded with spirituality, for the owner’s family. That’s the case for attires among the Kidapawan Monuvu (who share many cultural similarities with the Davao Tagabawa), we’re curating an exhibit of Pusaka this August and among the items are heirloom clothes considered sacred by the tribe. But what is certain is that after Inday has worn this ensemble, the Tagabawa family which lent these clothes to her will forever consider them priceless Pusaka too. Mindanao has a rich indigenous tradition of sentimentality like that, and as you can see in these comments by Pinks, Filipino identity with its shallowness and coloniality will spit in the face of that tradition. Pusaka? Entertainment at cosplay lang yan sa Filipino Gaze. Pakialam ng Manila Republic sa kultura ng Mindanao e mga savage infideles lang naman tayo dito.- KAGD


Source: Krizette Laureta Chu

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