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Netizens slam Inquirer anew for misleading news title; angry netizen wants media outlet shut down

The “Yellow” media strikes again!

A meme highlighting the propensity of a print newspaper to put a slant to a story in favor of Pnoy and his yellow minions has angered netizens sympathetic to incoming President-elect Rodrigo Duterte.

The banner news headline of the Philippine Daily Inquirer caught the attention of the netizens because the title makes it appear that Duterte is to blame for the recent death of the Canadian hostage of the Abu Sayyaf.

Please refer to the image below and judge for yourself if indeed the title of the news article merits an angry response from the Duterte supporters.

The Facebook Page “Showbiz Government” wrote a better caption to capture the sentiment of the netizens towards the said newsprint media affiliated with the Aquino administration and quote:

BEFORE: Blame Gloria. NOW: Blame Duterte.

That is the style of Noynoy Aquino. That will be the style of Leni Robredo. Thanks to yellow media.

Ordinary netizens expresses their sentiments by commenting on the meme with wild abandon. Grab some popcorn and let us read the comments together.

Rommel Pangan wrote:

Inquirer is a better substitute for tissue paper or toilet paper. It is more durable and won’t be ripped or torn apart easily when putting more pressure in cleaning one’s ass hole! I think that is its best use today! Sa tagalog “ok na pamunas ng puwit” hehe!

Rolly Galvez wrote:

Calling all citizen of this country and Filipinos who voted Duterte and Marcos to be vigilant at bantayan ang mga yellow media. They are involved in conspiring to take down the Duterte administration…Let’s pray for peace in the Philippines.

Bianca Rhomz wrote:

Tsk tsk this broadsheet newspaper is getting cheaper and cheaper everyday… Trash! Isa na naman to sa ibo-boycott to

Julius Espina wrote:

Bullshit. It’s still Aquino’s presidency. He was busy campaigning for ROXAS on the event of kidnapping!

Walter James Bandojo wrote:

Ah, salt and bitterness. My favorite flavors.

Nes Trinidad believes this is part of the plan to unseat Duterte.

Looks like Plan B is now in effect even though DU30 has not officially taken over. Main objective is to create an atmosphere of destabilization that DU30 may find it difficult to install reforms or be forced to rule via martial law.

Even the non submission of SOCE docs could be part of the plan. Imagine the destabilization that will occur if all the LP winning candidates (VP and senators) are unable to take their seats….

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Source: Showbiz Government

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