Netizens slam journalist who made fun of FL Liza Marcos’ outfit during oathtaking of Vice President Sara Duterte in Davao City

Nakakatawa talaga ang “Security.” Brings back memories for Raissa siguro…

This is the reaction of International Relations expert and SMNI News Statecraft host Sass Rogando Sasot to the tweet of journalist and blogger Raissa Robles who made fun of the outfit of First Lady Atty. Liza Araneta Marcos she wore during the oathtaking of VP Sara Duterte in Davao City on Twitter.

In case you are at a loss why Ms. Sasot remarked that perhaps Raissa Robles found the word “security” funny, just read the comments in Sasot’s thread because one of them commented about it and voila, you will have your answer!

Anyhow, Raissa Robles’ tweet did not make a lot Marcos supporters very happy and retaliated by making negative remarks against the Dilawan journalist and blogger.

One netizen shared one’s observation that people who are very ugly are number 1 in insulting other people.

Pansin ko lang yung mga pinaka pangit ang mga pinaka mapanglait.

A second echoed the sentiment of the above commenter.

Ung magaling manlait pro mas kalait lait ang itsura you made my night sing dilim ng kulay mo madam raissa🤧🤧

A third warned Raissa to expect a blowback for insulting ordinary working class Filipinos.

Another mockery of the ordinary working class. Wait for the bounce back 😎

A fourth remarked that while Raissa Robles and fellow Dilawans think they were making fun Liza Marcos, they were actually making fun of the regular labor force.

They think they are making fun of Lisa, what they really are doing is showing their contempt for the regular labor force. What’s wrong with working as security? It’s an honest job not like the convicted felon who has no integrity and who lies to the world stage


Source: For the Motherland – Sass Rogando Sasot

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