Netizens slam Pnoy for skipping President Duterte’s 1st SONA

A post slamming former President Aquino for skipping President Duterte’s 1st State of the Nation address is making the rounds online.

In a Facebook post, Showbiz Government published the opinion of one of its followers on Pnoy’s snub of President Duterte’s 1st SONA in Batasan that reads:

RAMOS is already in his senior years but HE will attend the SONA.

ERAP is serving as Mayor of Manila but he too will attend.

ARROYO is ill and just came from 4 yrs of detention but she too will attend.

NOYNOY is not in his senior years, not serving any government or private posts, nor is he ill. Basically, he’s doing NOTHING. He’s not even dead. But why can he not attend?

Because he was never a president. He was a spoiled brat divisive airheaded bully. Abnoy, what is your excuse?

The absence of the former president in yesterday’s SONA elicited speculations from netizens.

Rick Mejia Nava wrote:

Please do not expect an abnormal person to do something worthy. Aquino is a low life arrogant heartless incompetent individual who is only concern about himself.

Ladyluck De Paz Abao wrote:

Agree about noynoy, he and aling conching morales failed to kill CGMA in the hospital arrest, thats why he will not attend the SONA…

Racquel Santos Manlapas wrote:

He just couldn’t stand being at the SONA. What the president delivered were the simple things that Noy wasn’t able to do while president! As a matter of fact, The opening statement of PRRD would send shivers down his spine!

Agnes Mannong wrote:

Maybe he can’t cope with reality how a city mayor won the presidency inspite their machinations to have his fellow oligarch Mar get elected. Also GMA will be attending. That’s be terrible for someone like Pnoy.

TJr Garcia wrote:

#blamegame #gameover
The reason? It’s his PRIDE. He can’t accept the truth that this time the “blaming game” is over. Grow up man!

Rollie Baniqued wrote:

No need to see him in SONA… He is a failed President. A vindictive and indolent President we ever had.

Stella Papelera wrote:

He is afraid that digong might mention his name like what pnoy did to gma.

Joy Anne Alzaga wrote:

He’s not even dead but why can he not attend? Haha nice one!

Cecille Gernale wrote:

His excuse is his mental illness …it is only today that he proves us he really has the disease

Matt de Guzman wrote:

His attitude reflects his mental disorder according to his former classmates and schoolmates

Joji Belzunce wrote:

Abnoy prefers to stay home and watch Sona on TV while picking his nose and scratching his B*lls!! Hahaha!

Jun Sdat wrote:

Noynoy’s excuse: I normally don’t attend SONAs of people I don’t know!

Md Karim wrote:

Maybe kris have meeting in abs cbn. And Noynoy is a private bodyguard and driver of her loving sister now. He protect her sister.

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